Custom PVC labels for clothing are usually sewn onto hats, shoes, canvas covers, bags, and t-shirts to promote a brand image or even ID’s cards, and you can shop for custom PVC cards online. PVC labels are made of soft PVC rubber for clothing. The seam groove around the PVC label is used to sew the PVC label on the garment.

PVC labels for clothing are commonly used on leather jackets, T-shirts, casual shoes, canvas covers, t-shirts, and various other fashion products.

Clothing companies sometimes create consistent PVC wholesale clothing label that matches their brand, logo, or mascot. In designing, the company will use several characteristics to add to the PVC label design pattern.

History of the use of PVC in Fashion

Plastic has been used in clothing since its invention, especially in raincoats. The use of PVC in clothing became well-established during the 1960s and early 1970s fashion trends. Fashion designers at that time considered PVC the ideal material for designing futuristic clothing. Boots, raincoats, dresses, and other PVC clothing are made in various colors and are also transparent and, to some extent, worn in public. PVC outfits are often seen in movies and TV series like The Avengers. Shiny plastic article of clothing has since become the item of PVC fetishism.

In the mid-1990s, PVC clothing became part of youth fashion, especially in jackets, skirts, and trousers, and also appeared in the media. During the mid-1990s, it was common to see presenters, models, actresses, actors, singers, and other celebrities wearing PVC outfits on TV and in magazines. As the fashion cycle continues, PVC clothing re-emerges in mainstream street fashion and is central to the fetish scene.

Famous fashion designers have used PVC in their collections. Since 2010, PVC has been used for women's and men's fashion.

Difference between PVC label and Regular Label

Labels can be paper, wrap, cloth, metal, or alternative materials associated with the instrument or product with written data or information about the merchandise. Materials and technology can limit the size and style of labels in general. Most dimensions or information on labels are written as field labels.

The difference of opinion of PVC Label is the primary material and quality. In addition, PVC labels last longer than other labels. And most of the custom PVC label are sewn directly on the clothes, although some are affixed to the product or packaging. Thanks to technological benefits, the graphic form of PVC labels is limitless; outstanding 2nd patterns or three-dimensional 3D graphics are often achieved for PVC labels.

Use of PVC Labels

PVC labels are soft rubber or silicone labels & tags that will not fade or crumble. Custom PVC labels with logos are often graven, embossed, and written. Compared to woven labels, they are more durable and resistant to all kinds of weather. PVC labels also mention Polyvinyl Chloride. And our custom clothing labels are soft and supple to the touch. Therefore, they are ideal for garments such as swimwear.

Due to the peculiarities of the material, PVC labels, compared to paper, can be used for clothes, shoes, hats, and bags. Its primary function is branding, promotion, and image building of the product. The manufacturer will also provide a QR code on the PVC label for sellers to scan the code to identify the brand's authenticity.

Advantages of PVC Labels

Why are PVC labels suitable for clothing labels? PVC is made of sentimental PVC rubber, which is very soft in texture. The drop rubber method injects color into the pattern, so it doesn't fade and lasts a long time with the printed form. Most PVC labels are sewn onto clothing. If the client or buyer doesn't like the label on the clothes they buy, they will quickly remove it by cutting the seams to use the product without the tag.

Technology does not limit PVC labels; all styles and sizes, including transparent, luminous labels, can be customized. It is non-toxic, has a long service life, and has a meager production cost. PVC labels can be used as clothing accessories and decorations on clothes. So, PVC labels have a significant market value.

Disadvantages of PVC Labels

Even though PVC labels have many advantages, they could be better. In contrast to metal labels, which can receive long-term sun exposure and are not resistant to high temperatures, they are unsuitable for use in high-temperature products or environments.

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