Berlin is one of the most beautiful places you can visit across Europe and offers an inviting vibe with its unique charm. Compared with Paris in the 1920s and New York in the 1970s, it is an art hub that attracts people worldwide. Moreover, the unique lifestyle is charming enough to bring in more and more tourists each year and immerses them in its beautiful aura.

The buzzing German capital is home to various interests, including art, music, nightlife, design, and fashion. Moreover, one of the most important things that Berlin is known for is its festivals; from endless flows of tasty local beer at the Oktoberfest to many other local festivals celebrating life, there is an infinite list that will drown you into endless fun.

So planning a trip to Berlin is a must. But wait, is that enough? What are you gonna do once you land there? Do you have your itinerary planned? No right? Well, this is all you have to know about everything you can do in Berlin.

Here's how you can experience the authentic German lifestyle while you're in Berlin

So many festivals to visit

Germany is known as the "Land of Festivals," and Berlin does complete justice to the moniker. Germany is filled with intellectual people who follow an opulent, warm and inviting culture, for which festivals are essential. With breathtaking architecture, decades of heritage, and intriguing history, Germany is home to some of the most unique festivals.

Berlinale is one of the most notable and one of the world's largest international film festivals. First celebrated in 1978, it showcases some of the best talents of the cinematic world across genres. Other festivals include Oktoberfest, Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, and the Karneval in Cologne.

Partake In A Traditional German Bath

Germans do love to experience warm saunas as this has medicinal benefits also. These saunas also add to the German people's luxury hot water experience. Most therapeutic natural springs, thought to have restorative powers, are used to fill these enormous pools resembling spas. Most Germans combine saunas and baths, which are said to revitalize the body.

In Germany, these saunas are performed naked, and the best part about this is that naked bodies in Germany are not only seen sexually.

Food and Drink

Meat is one of the most common foods that you would come across in Germany. Most of the meals in Germany contain meat in some form or the other. Some typical dishes in German cooking include Rouladen, German noodles, and Schnitzel. Other famous food items include ham, cheese, and pickles, a part of everyday breakfast and diet among Germans.

Germany is also famous for its staple drink, which comes from alcohol. Also, it is consumed outside and inside of the house on a day-to-day basis.

Germany is exceptionally well known for its beers because of the German Purity Law, which states that only the highest quality ingredients: Water, malt, hops, and yeast should be used to craft a beer. Germany alone has more than 5000 beer brands that are famous worldwide.

The beer culture in Germany is so strong that they have an entire festival dedicated to drinking beer, yes, the Oktoberfest (mentioned above). The festival is so famous and hyped that more than 6 million people worldwide come to Germany to experience this.

Though the festival is not held in Berlin but in Munich, which is just 6 hours away, so if you are in Berlin during the festival, you should not miss it as it is heaven for foodies and beer lovers.

Enjoy Your Time With A Beautiful Companion In Berlin

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Live Clubbing in Berlin

Club culture in Berlin is one of the key highlights of the city events. These can give you a good and unforgettable experience. You can enjoy some of the best nightclubs you would come across, along with several rare night carnivals in Berlin. These would make sure that you are connected to authentic German culture.

The Basic Tourist Stuff

Of course, not everyone would like to get involved in naked baths or drinking beer all day, so for people who want to do the regular tourist stuff, roaming around the streets of Berlin is the best thing to do. You can catch a glimpse of the city's iconic buildings, taste authentic German cuisine, visit the historical places or just have a relaxing day while sightseeing on a boat.

Berlin Less Explored

Apart from the city's main highlights, which attract most tourists, Berlin offers more.

For car lovers, Classic Remise is a car museum with various German Vintage and limited edition cars.

For people inclined toward history. Berlin has Stasimuseum, Tempelhof Airport, Berlin Story Bunker, Anne Frank Zentrum, and much more.

Final thoughts

Berlin has no end to the places you can visit and experiences you can enjoy. This sprawling city also has a wild side, with nightlife as the main attraction. There is no end to fun times at night, from shops and markets to drinking dens with cabaret and sexy speakeasies. People party and enjoy themselves with their friends or companions for hours. Blend in the attraction of local sightseeing, picturesque parks, and a thriving food scene, and you have a complete package of a good trip.