There’s nothing better than turning your greatest passion into a career, something you can earn a living from and find joy in every day. For many people, this passion is fashion, but few are brave enough to leap into the industry. However, the fashion industry doesn’t need to be scary, and if your dream job is in fashion, there are plenty of ways of pursuing that. Here are just a few outside-the-box ideas.

Sell Your Own Items

If you have a knack for making clothes, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, or any other creative skill, you could make and sell your own items on an online store.

If you prefer to jazz up items with your flair, you can start by purchasing bulk beanies or scarves for the winter season. Use these blank canvases to create beautiful custom designs to sell to your audience. Making clothing from scratch is another idea if you have the skills or wish to learn them!

Study Fashion Design

Of course, getting qualified is the most obvious route into a career in fashion. Many people question their career path after a fashion degree, but there is so much you can do with the qualification.

From working as a fashion designer for a label, you love to find your feet as a fashion buyer, stylist or even a retail manager if you’re business savvy.

Practice Fashion Photography

Creativity comes in all different forms, and perhaps you don’t reasonably consider yourself a designer but still love the visual beauty of clothing. A fashion photography job might be right up your alley, then.

You could try an online photography course to get started if you don’t have a formal photography qualification. Create an Instagram page to show off your work and ask your friends and family to model some stunning pieces.

Start a Fashion Blog or YouTube Channel

If you’re all over the trends and love to talk about your passion, you could consider starting a fashion blog or a YouTube channel. Fashion and beauty bloggers and vloggers will be the backbone of social media marketing in 2022. While this isn’t what many people consider a conventional career path, if you find success, you could earn big.

Once you grow your channel or blog, you’ll be able to start earning from ad revenue, and if you have enough subscribers and engagement, you’ll be able to work with brands and get sponsorships to make a living.

Write For a Fashion Magazine

You might also consider becoming a fashion writer if you're good with words. Fashion magazines are packed full of gorgeous photography, but someone, somewhere, needs to weave the written words together for the page as well, and it could just be you.

A degree in fashion or journalism could do the trick here, depending on where you feel most comfortable – with a writing qualification, you might be able to write about more than just the trends.