Speed up Your YouTube Growth

Video content is overshadowing other forms of content nowadays. It is appealing and easy for users to consume. According to studies, video is the future of content marketing and will lead future marketing efforts for most businesses. YouTube, with its format based on video, is an excellent platform for businesses to promote their products. If you have a channel on YouTube and want to speed up its growth, here are ten tips for you.

1. Produce Appealing Content

The first tip for the popularity of any YouTube channel is to create relevant and useful content for viewers. When your content is appealing to viewers, they will most probably return to watch more. The trick to creating good content is to ensure that it is adding value for users or entertaining them. No matter what product you promote, viewers would want to see something that is either informative or fun. So you can make video content in the form of tutorials or about trending topics.

When you create videos about viral topics, you increase the probability of your YouTube channels rising in search results too.

2. Use Captions & Transcriptions

If you want to boost your YouTube video views and reach, adding closed captions and transcriptions are great ideas. They add to the value of your videos and also help optimize your content if you put in keywords. Doing so leads to higher rankings for your videos and more visibility, which translates into more views.

3. Improve Metadata

Metadata is a set of words or phrases that describes your video titles, descriptions and tags. It helps your viewers find your videos when they search using specific words. The metadata for your YouTube videos must include keywords that viewers are searching for, in addition to being attractive for clicks. Use various keywords tools such as Google Adwords, YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tools, etc. to get keywords for your titles and descriptions.

4. Use a Great Thumbnail

Put a great image for the thumbnail for your YouTube videos as it serves as the first glimpse of your video. Remember you are competing with hundreds, if not thousands, of other YouTube videos to catch the attention of your viewers. It might seem like a trivial detail, but research reveals that using a great thumbnail for YouTube videos is crucial.

5. Utilize End Screens

End screens and cards serve as great calls to action for video creators. You can utilize direct viewers to exact links or URLs. These cards are available on YouTube, and you can use different cards for specific purposes. End screens also assist you in taking your viewers to your other videos or your channel. You can get more subscribers for your YouTube channel by using cards and end screens.

6. Work with Influencers

One of the best ways to grow your YouTube channel is to collaborate with influencers and experts in specific fields. It is the next big thing in future of video content marketing. Viewers are more likely to listen to and believe experts rather than a newbie. So make sure to get hold of a few influencers and make an offer that the influencer can’t resist.

7. Use Social Media

If you have made a great YouTube video using the above features, share it on social media to increase views. Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc. go a long way in promoting a YouTube video, even making it viral. Use captivating captions and descriptions for your videos that entice your potential viewers to click and watch the video.

8. Engage your Target Community

If you want your YouTube channel to grow, you should engage your viewers as much as possible. Engaging with viewers means responding to comments, both compliments and criticism. By responding to viewers’ feedback, you are telling them that they are important to you and you are taking their opinion seriously. It also helps you build a good rapport with your audience, thus creating a close community.

9. Use Calls to Action

Always use CTA’s like subscribe, like, comment, and share with your YouTube videos. Doing so will ensure that at least some of the viewers act on your CTA. You can use CTA at the beginning of the video in the form of an introduction. Cards or end screens are also great ways to add CTA’s to your YouTube videos.

10. Schedule Giveaways & Promotions

Everyone loves giveaways and discounts, and your YouTube viewers are no exception. So schedule giveaways and discounts on your products or services and see your viewership skyrocket. Don’t forget to share the news of these promotions on your social media accounts, so more users know about them. Viewers are also more likely to share your promotions on their social media so you’ll get more publicity.