From new brides to recent homeowners, many consumers can't wait to choose their dinnerware pattern. The right dinnerware sets a tone for your kitchen, dining room, and future meals. Plus, dinnerware is an essential item to maintain a comfortable home. Discover how to find the best dinnerware theme to complement your house and mood.

What Dishes Do You Need?

When buying new dinnerware, the first consideration is what dishes you need for preparing and serving meals. For example, some people use large dinner plates while others prefer smaller ones. Also, there are serving plates, teacups, glassware, and other items that might be part of your dishware set. Make a list of the dishes required to serve food at home comfortably, so you have everything necessary.

Consider the Textures and Colors

Consider dishware's various textures and colours to improve your eating space instantly. From stoneware to china, dishware comes in countless materials, making it easier to match your budget and preferences. Also, there are many colours and patterns to consider before making a final choice. For example, would you prefer a single colour, a bordered plate, or a pattern?

How Many People Will You Serve?

To choose the right dinnerware, think about how many people are typically served during meals in your household. For example, a family of four would require a dinnerware set with at least four plates and cups. Get a more extensive set to accommodate the crowd if you serve more people. Also, matching dinnerware offers a consistent feeling, unlike mismatched pieces put together at the last minute to help more people.

Casual Versus Luxurious

Dinnerware themes are usually casual or luxurious, depending on the meal's setting and mood. For example, a beach theme is ideal for meals served in an indoor/outdoor room during the summertime. Conversely, a formal china set is perfect for holiday meals with several courses. Consider the meals you serve to choose themes that match the occasion.

Get Practical

While some people own several dinnerware sets, others only invest in one. If you're on a budget, choose a practical theme that fits into any setting or occasion. For example, a simple bordered plate or solid, neutral colours fit into any decor and theme. Plus, you can invest in additional sets in the future for special occasions and holidays. In the meantime, use accents, such as napkins and centrepieces, to create a themed mood at your table.

Dare to Be Different

Finally, dare to be different when you choose a new dinnerware theme for your table. Instead of selecting the same white plates and cups, think about adding a dash of colour and design to your tables. For example, an ivy print is a timeless detail that adds interest to your dinnerware and fits into any setting. Talk to a dinnerware expert about customized options that make your table look different.

Choosing dinnerware is an exciting decision with plenty of options to review. Take time to peruse the different designs to select a few appealing ones that fit into your current decorating theme. Consider neutral colours that can be transformed with seasonal accents for greater versatility. Or, dare to step outside your comfort zone for dinnerware with unique designs and colours to make your dining table to the next beautiful level.