Imagine the perfect car that never causes any trouble to its owner in the vehicle shed or on the city highway. Unfortunately, such excellent cars don’t exist; maybe in the distant future, there will be those who will improve available technological solutions and fix all the problems instantly. However, the car owner himself/herself must take care of his/her car now: change the flow rate, working fluids, and spare parts and keep it clean. Of course, you can apply for services in a car service, but many people are sure that it’s a waste of time and money because you can do the most straightforward work yourself.
Things that must be in the trunk

There is a lot of controversy about the items the car driver should have. Someone says that a couple of wrenches and a screwdriver are enough to perform the most straightforward work, and the car repair shop specialists have the rest. Nevertheless, experienced motorists say that this is not enough. Of course, it is better to entrust complex work to car repairmen, but some tasks have to be solved right in the parking lot or on the road on your own. For example, the battery is dead in the cold, and you need a socket head screwdriver or a wrench to disconnect the terminals. It’s unfortunate when the right tool is not at hand. Therefore, it is better to have at least a minimal set of things with you that will help unscrew the fasteners, tighten the nuts, replace the candles, etc.

Tools for compulsorily having


These are the most necessary tools for car maintenance. There should be as many of them as possible since nuts of different sizes are installed on different modern and retro auto parts and assemblies. A set of the box or open-end wrenches is sufficient, for example, from 6 to 17 mm or 10 to 24 mm. The most versatile collection of wrenches is combined (in which the working part is open-ended on the one hand and a ring is on the other hand). A wheel wrench is required to remove and install wheels.


It is used for tightening and unwinding threaded connections. It is unnecessary to rearrange the working part due to the ratchet mechanism (it is enough to make rocking movements). This is perfect for working in tight spaces. You can install various socket heads on one handle of the ratchet by selecting them according to the size of the nuts.

Chain Key

This tool belongs to the dismantling tool and is designed to remove the oil filter. An adjustable chain is its working part, and the filter can be easily unscrewed due to the movements of the handle. Some filter removers may use a strong rubber or metal band instead of a chain.


These are various dismantling tools for circlips, pulleys, bearings, gears, springs, and other small parts. Some pick up the element by the inner edge, others by the outer. They are helpful when replacing parts or carrying out repairs.


Indispensable when removing and installing parts fixed with screw connections. As a rule, Phillips-head and slotted screwdrivers are needed when working in the car interior. Socket screwdrivers can be used to loosen small nuts, for example, on battery terminals and other working units. You can buy a set of screwdrivers or one with interchangeable bits.

Anyway, all these tools can help keep the car running, and you can purchase high-quality retro auto parts that will increase the duration of the vehicle’s operation due to the Autoclassic Company. It offers lots of decent items that can be easily installed with the help of the tools mentioned above. After all, the indispensable tools are helpful even when you deal with a new car, as the person has to be ready for any unexpected emergency on the road.