Whether you're an avid fashionista or on the simpler side, one common denominator for both is the staple pieces that every woman should have in their closet. Doing so will help you pull off any look at any time on any occasion.

These essentials are timeless pieces that will never go out of style for years to come as long as you take good care of them. It allows you to get tons and tons of wear out of them as they're the building blocks, so to speak, of your entire closet.

This article will discuss the foundation level and the most basic and minimal pieces regarding clothing in general. These items will enable you to mix and match your readily available staples, such as a Scanlan Theodore mesh top and easily create multiple looks depending on your preference.

Whether you're starting from scratch to build your wardrobe or updating your closet to make your day-to-day outfit easier, here are the top eight staples to make the most of your closet.

1. The Perfect Fit Jeans

Everyone has their personal preference of what fit they like. However, you must learn your style and assess which type of jeans you love wearing in every style. As a result, finding the best top to pair with your favorite jeans will be much easier.

Finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans can be pretty challenging to do and can be so hard to come by. However, when you find that perfect pair of jeans that will suit your style and preferences, they will undoubtedly be a go-to piece in your closet.

A pro tip to keep in mind when finding the perfect-fit jeans is to try them on in person. That is one of the things you're not advised to shop for online because you want to ensure that the fit, the feel, and the overall look match your expectations.

2. Plain White Tee

Who doesn't have a plain white t-shirt in their wardrobe? Such a piece is one of the most basic but staple items to help create a fresh and clean look.

As you find the most suitable white shirt for you, it'd be best to have those that are 100% cotton with a relaxed fit. This way, you can have all the comfort you need as you wear them all day.

3. Plain White Blouse

A plain white blouse or long sleeve is something that will surely never go out of style. Because it is so easy to dress up and down, it can go with anything you wear, whether it's trousers, jeans, shorts, or even skirts. It has a simple look but can surely up your outfit game.

4. Black Blazer

A black blazer is something that you should never miss having in your closet, as it will undoubtedly elevate your simple look into an amped-up business look. To do so, you can pair it with black slacks along with your plain white tee. Top it off with gold jewelry and a nice pair of heels to match, and voila! You'll indeed look very elegant using your basic pieces.

5. Plain Sweater

Plain sweaters are ideal if you want to have a day out with friends, especially in the autumn season. You can easily pair it with any jeans or trousers of your choice. You can easily create a put-together look in one snap while making sure you're comfy and warm enough to go out and have a stroll outdoors. It would also go best with either a pair of shoes, boots, or even flats.

6. Leather Jacket

Though not everybody is a leather jacket person, considering the idea of having one would be a wise decision because it goes with so many things. It can also be an all-year-round piece if you know how to wear it right.

You can wear your leather jacket in spring with jeans, shorts, and a plain white tee. You can also wear it in the fall with your favorite denim jeans and a printed shirt. That said, it's something that you can play with your basic items to elevate a look.

7. White Shoes

General white sneakers and shoes should always be part of every girl's closet. If you want to be comfortable or have a lazy walking day at the park, you can never go wrong with wearing white shoes to match any attire.

8. A Pair Of Black Heels

Not everybody is a heel person, but a pair of plain, black heels will surely take you a long way. They're undeniably easy, go-to, dressy shoes that will help you pull off a classy and sophisticated look.


Indeed, as a woman, you need to learn the basic pieces your closet should have. Doing so will give you the convenience of mixing and matching staple pieces while making sure you look your best. The said idea is also an excellent option, especially if wardrobe space is not a premium.

The truth is you don't need to have hundreds of clothes. Instead, you should have the essential pieces and learn how to style them depending on where you're going.

Considering the top eight items listed above will undeniably help you create the look of your choice with ease and convenience.