Do you think that currently, it is easy to get a real Green leather jacket? Well, regardless of your asking for the artificial leather jacket to save the animal races, still, you need to consider a few features to get your hands on the best leather jacket.

In this regard, you will need to first search for a reliable seller. Doing so is not possible without following a few effective tips. So here in this article, we aim to share with you those essential tips to make the leather jacket buying journey fruitful.

Learn about the style

Many leather jacket lovers unfortunately do not like the trending styles. It is one of the main reasons why they mostly end up buying the wrong jacket. So if you do not want to be among them, we would advise you to first learn about all the fashions and styles of leather jackets. Some of them are special for specific occasions. For example, the biker leather jacket would suit someone who tends to ride a bike a lot.

Similarly, there are loose leather jackets. These are for people who need to work physically. So it all depends on the user to first analyse his/her needs for a leather jacket.

Check the skin

I feel really sorry while saying that many people do not know what the skin type is when buying any leather material. However, the elite class would always know as they pay a great deal to get the exotic skins.

For a mediocre or an average long term leather jacket we would recommend getting the cow skin, or the lambskin leather. These are reliable materials. It will not wear off that easily.

Alternatively, those who do not wish to get the skin must check the formula leather. It has to be the best formula with a longer lifetime.


Just like the skin type, the leather textures also vary. So you must know which type will suit you. It solely depends on personal choice. Some people love to wear the rough texture, so for them, the full-grain texture would be fine. However, buyers who do not want to have the wrinkled leather can go for the top grain or corrected grain.

The purest of them all is the full-grain leather. It is also a bit expensive so those who want pure leather must go for the fine full-grain. It is created by only removing the hair of the animal.

Lining and stitch style

What would you do if the leather jacket does not come with a comfortable lining? It will ruin everything for you. In most cases, people love to have that soft, plushy lining. However, in summer seasons the light air like material would be preferred. Therefore, you must choose the lining according to the time of the year and your needs.

Then the stitching. The only appealing crafting that can be done on a leather jacket is with thread. So if you want a trendy jacket, then we will suggest you get the one with a design on it.