The preparation for a spray tan begins well in advance of one’s visit, and there are a few things people should do to prepare their skin for the gorgeous tan they will receive. Although moisturizing and exfoliating are two essential measures to prepare the skin for a spray tan, people should also be mindful when shaving.

Does shaving matter before getting a spray tan? It's vital to shave before tanning, but folks should be careful when they do it because shaving too soon before their tanning session might make their tanning seem spotty and cause irritation.

Before the tanning appointment, get shaved to ensure the epidermis adequately prepares for a bronzed shine. Please continue reading to learn more about shaving or not shaving before a spray tan and why it's crucial!

Why Shave before Getting Tanned?

It does make for a more even and natural-looking spray tan if fellows shave their legs first. Because it has so many advantages for a spray tan, almost all beauticians will advise people to do so before their session.

The skin will be smoother if one first shaves the hair on one's body. If one has hair on the body when the spray tan is sprayed, the hair may stop the tan from evenly reaching the epidermis, giving one’s body a patchwork effect.

Second, shaving is a different way to exfoliate, a crucial step before getting tanned. It aids in further prepping the skin by removing dead cells' top layer. Nevertheless, one should still scrub one’s body or use a mitt to exfoliate the skin.

Shaving before spray tanning also allows you to wait longer after getting tanned, which helps maintain it looking great.

Shaving will leave the epidermis smooth and free of impurities, enabling the tanning particles to adhere to the skin instantly and respond, growing into a stunning tan.

When Should One Shave?

Please pay attention to when you shave before getting a tan since you shouldn't do it too soon or with too much time to spare. Not shaving before a spray tan in such a condition works.

Shaving at least 24 hours before getting tanned is recommended. This gives one’s skin enough time to heal before the tanning session and enough time for the hair to start growing back.

Shaving causes one’s pores to open up and causes tiny micro-cuts that are so little that one won't ever feel them. The way the spray tan develops can be impacted if you do not give the epidermis enough time for the pores to close.

Small, dark patches may appear along your skin if the tanning lotion is sprayed on the skin with open pores. Your pores and skin can settle if you shave 24 hours before visiting the salon.

Final Thoughts

Now that people know the reasons, they should not wait long to book their next visit to the salon. Shaving can make your tan look more even and natural and allow you a little more time until you need to shave after getting tanned. Several renowned beauty websites are there to help one out if one faces issues in understanding such matters.