Welcome to the new parents’ club! As exciting as the new parent's journey is, it can also be overwhelming.

It’s time to soothe away some of your stress by understanding what is causing it in the first place. Knowing the root causes of your stress can give you an idea of how to kick it to the curb. Keep reading for tips on how to do just that:

1. Milk Stress

More moms than you think have trouble breastfeeding their children. Some battle antenatal depression and find the task of breastfeeding their babies too mentally draining. Others face physical barriers to breastfeeding.

If you find yourself struggling, regardless of the reason, do not exert yourself to the point where you resent your role as a parent. While breast milk is best, a calm and stress-free feeding experience will be better for you and bub in the long run. You can count on the best baby formula to provide your baby with nutrients, so cut yourself some slack.

2. Not Enough Time in the Day

Almost all new parents feel there’s never enough time in the day once their baby comes into the home. Sometimes, you get so swamped under the weight of all those sleepless nights that you feel like you’re not giving enough time to your little one.

Truth be told, everyone runs out of time. If the laundry doesn’t get done today, tomorrow is always there. The fact that you are getting through the day is good enough. So, take a moment to yourself, and just breathe when things get overwhelming.

3. Relationship Stress

It’s okay if you sometimes feel like you are not giving enough time to your older children or spouse. There will be days when you guilt-trip yourself into believing you are not giving your all to everyone. However, you must remember that you’re only one person and only have so much time to share. This is true for everyone but even more relevant for parents caring for a newborn baby.

Give yourself time and space to treasure the moments you have with your tiny human. Bring the rest of the family into those moments of joy as much as possible, and find small but straightforward ways to let them know you still care, though you are distracted by the youngest addition to your family.

4. Inconsolable Crying

Both you and your baby may have moments during the day when you want to cry. If the stress from this is starting to feel unbearable, you need to seek some help. Older family members may know how to effectively remedy some of the symptoms related to colic, and they may be more experienced in calming down a crying baby.

It’s also important to remind yourself that your baby is not crying to ruin your day – there’s always a reason. You’ll learn if your baby is feeling cold, wet, or hungry in time. Parenting skills come with time, so give yourself a chance to adjust (even though you may feel like you are constantly running out of time).

5. Accepting the Change

While you will often find yourself melting into the joy of loving your baby, becoming a parent involves many uncomfortable changes. You may need to give up your job, incur more financial expenses, isolate yourself from friends, and make peace with having less time for yourself.

It’s a big ask to convince newbie moms and dads not to stress. However, just like any significant change in life, you will eventually learn to step confidently into your new role.