Banarasi saree is probably the most endearing attire in India, and it plays an essential role in the lives of Indian women. The saree's elegance and refinement make most ladies wear it to any event. A pure banarasi saree is a well-liked fashion staple and a wardrobe essential. Red banarasi sarees are used explicitly as bridal attire at Bengali weddings. In addition to the Indian fashion business, the world of foreign fashion is also taking notice of Banarasi sarees.

Banarasi saree - THE ORIGIN

Indian Sarees can be traced back to the Indus valley civilization, which is also mentioned in the Hindu mythological scriptures like Ramayana and Mahabharata. The Mughal Empire brought the signature exquisite weaving and designing skills of the Banarasi silk to India. Thus, the modern-day Banarasi silk is a sweet amalgamation of the Mughals and Indian civilization.

Did you know? Silk for this saree used to be imported from China; nowadays, silk is supplied from southern regions of India.

Indian Banarasi sarees may be broadly categorized into the traditional bridal segment and the designer part. Because of its many textures, hues, and patterns, Pure banarasi sarees are a favourite among brides.

The unique patterns and embellishments that distinguish banarasi sarees

Banarasi sarees are among the best traditional sarees in India. They are quite heavy owing to their elaborate weaves, making them perfect for celebrations, weddings, and other special occasions.

Traditional versions of these sarees are produced in four different materials:
  1. Pure silk
  2. Georgette
  3. Organza (Kora)
  4. Organza (Katan).
Organza, satin borders, jangla, brocades, Tanchoi, cutwork, and Resham butidar are just a few Banarasi silk saree variations. These fabrics include intriguing animals, birds, flowers, fruit, human figures, and geometric motifs.

The strenuous procedure involved in creating these exceptional drapes

A Banarasi silk saree typically takes 15 to 30 days to complete. It mainly depends on the saree's intricacy and design. One piece of a lavishly embellished Pure Banarasi saree might take six months or more to make. A Banarasi silk saree requires the collective efforts of 3 or 4 individuals.

Historically, weaving was carried out on Naksha drawlooms, which were first introduced to India in 990 AD. Khwaja Abdul Samad Kashmiri, who arrived in Banaras in the 16th century under the reign of Akbar, established the heddle system as we know it today. The heddle loom made it simple for the weavers to include a variety of floral and decorative motifs.

In Benaras, the jacquard loom was first used in the 1930s by the weavers who found it to be of tremendous assistance. Artists with the moniker Naqshband create weaving designs. They are master craftspeople in Benaras, highly regarded by the city's weavers.

Weavers produce exquisite artwork that will be reproduced on Banarasi silk sarees. The graph paper used for the patterns is often white. Along with it, the colour idea is also created. The grid is punched on hard cards for jacquard looms. After that, the punch cards are knitted using various colours and threads.

Observations to make when purchasing these sarees online:

  1. The banarasi saree comes in various styles and designs. A comparative understanding to determine which one you prefer and which will work best for you is preferable.
  2. The price of this saree varies greatly depending on the fabric, patterns, embroidery, and brands. So, give equal importance to your budget/price range to get the best without breaking your bank.
  3. Read about the weavings and natural silk utilized in the saree's construction.

The Dazzling, Ultimate Drape: Banarasi Sarees

India exports silk to more than 200 nations, and demand is rising, particularly in Europe and America. Because of their distinctive patterns and exquisite motifs, these classic and beautiful Banarasi silk sarees are well known worldwide.

Nowadays (and even before), Bollywood stars and well-known celebs wear Banarasi sarees to weddings and other formal events. The Banarasi saree is a wardrobe must-work for EVERYONE. With so many different designs and varieties available, you can buy banarasi saree online with shopping websites like Taneira.