Specialists and primary care doctors provide different treatment options based on the patient's needs. Clients with serious illnesses need faster medical services and cannot afford to wait in waiting rooms or be exposed to other patients. New programs through concierge medical services could provide improved health care for many patients facing more severe conditions and needing to see their doctors more often.

Immediate Access to Healthcare Professionals

Concierge medical services give clients immediate access to healthcare professionals, and clients can contact their physicians via phone, email, or text as needed. They don't have to wait a long time to get answers from their doctor when they need assistance. Families that are unsure about medications or treatments for an elderly loved one get answers from the doctors faster, and there isn't a long wait for a response. Speak to a service provider about concierge services from Robinson Med.

You Don't Have to Wait in a Waiting Room.

Patients get priority appointment scheduling, and the medical practice treats these clients promptly. They do not have to sit and wait to be called by nurses. The clients go straight to the back after signing in, and doctors understand their time is essential. Individuals in the program need to see the doctor quickly, and waiting in the waiting room could be a significant problem.

No Exposure to Other Patients

Concierge medical services limit patients' exposure to others in waiting rooms, clinics, and hospitals. COVID-19 is still a significant risk for anyone who is elderly or immune compromised. Since they go straight into the patient rooms, the individuals won't sit around waiting rooms where sick patients are, exposing them to the virus and placing them at further risk. These individuals can wear masks for the limited time they are in the waiting room and should have adequate protection against COVID-19 and other common illnesses.

More Personalized Care

By getting concierge services instead of standard medical assistance, these individuals bring more personalised care from the doctors. A routine doctor's visit is around seven minutes, and these clients get a 30-minute visit with the doctor. They have more time to discuss their health concerns with the doctors instead of getting limited time. Doctors can get more information about the client's medical conditions and symptoms of emerging illnesses.

Access to More Holistic Services

Holistic approaches help clients avoid surgery when possible, and these treatments use natural options for managing pain, discomfort, and other symptoms. Doctors and specialists may offer chiropractic services, massage therapy, and dietary advice that improve the person's health.

Vitamins and supplements can address symptoms of various illnesses and offer improvements. Exercise and a healthier diet can improve the organs' performance and address the underlying causes of many conditions. By including holistic services, doctors use natural approaches instead of medications that are just not right for all patients.

A comparison between standard healthcare services and concierge options shows that patients get more access to their doctors through concierge services. The vast differences between these services show that many clients get a higher standard of care and avoid long waits if they sign up for concierge services. Find out more about these programs by discussing them with your primary care physician.