Zahara is one of the many celebrities in the country who have been going through the most in their personal lives recently. Zahara is known for her financial issues and being homeless because she has been unable to pay her R1.9 million bond for the past 6 months. She is situated in Randburg, West of Johannesburg. Zahara is currently going through a stressful phase in her life and has been seeking assistance from the public.

It is sad to witness such a prominent artist as Zahara going through such financial struggles because so many of the celebrities in the country have gone through exactly what she is going through, and some of them have died poor, no matter how much influence they have had with their art in the entertainment industry. 

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She is one of the most talented musicians South Africa has ever had, and she has released some big hit songs that were award-winning, but today she is unable to maintain herself financially.

Zahara also stated this was due to the lockdown because artists had to put their hugs on hold, and they were promised financial assistance from the government, but many of them did not get it. The South Africans stated that they would help Zahara if she started getting booked to even get booked.

But unfortunately, Zahara had to cancel performing at those events because she is not doing okay health-wise, and she said she was advised to rest. Fans have wished her a speedy recovery and put her in their prayers.