Atul & Rajesh Guptas
Dubai: The Two Gupta Brothers, Atul and Rajesh, have been arrested. According to the SABC international News correspondence Sophy Mokoena the Two Brothers, were arrested this afternoon in Dubai. However, this comes after the Interpol issued Red Notices early this year, Regarding connection with the R24.9 million Nulane investments Fraud and money laundering.

Meanwhile, in South Africa, National Prosecuting Authorities have welcomed the arrest of the Two Brothers. While on the other hand, Atul, Rajesh and other Gupta families are wanted in South Africa for corruption and State Capture. The Two Brothers were accused of Capturing former President Jacob Zuma. 

At the same time, Justice Minister Ronald Lamola told the SABC reporters that he would address the Media Tomorrow regarding this Matter. Meanwhile, speaking to SABC Watchdog this evening, 06 June 2022, Democratic Alliance Federal Chair Hellen Zille applaud the Police in Dubai for the arrest of the Gupta Brothers.

While many South African took to social media to express their feelings about this Matter. 

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Written by Ishmael.