Rumours of inhaling something my sister was there

22 people died in an East London tavern, ENYOBENI, after a stampede. Cause investigated. Numerous injured. Emergency services and the police are still working on the scene. Forensic investigation underway

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CORRECTION: The official death toll in the East London tavern tragedy is 17. The number is subject to change as the investigation unfolds.

Stamped? "bodies are lying strewn across tables, chairs and on the floor, with no obvious signs of injury."... Sounds like they just dropped dead... Cant be stamped

Read 22 killed at Enyobeni Tavern in East London.

But it seems the death was so quick and sudden for it to be poison. If it was poison, there would be others being rushed to the hospital unless they all drank at the same time and died in the same manner.

One of the survivors said. There were a lot of people pushing, coming in & out of the club, then the bouncer decided to close the door and pepper-sprayed inside the club. She couldn't breathe and was helped by some other guy and lady cause they could see she was suffocating. Then they called her parents.