What is really going on in South Africa? We can barely go a week without hearing about the sudden deaths of people in large numbers. It seems like the angel of death is out searching for young blood. Today, South Africans woke up to the shocking deaths of over 22 people who died this morning in a nightclub. Read below.

A nightclub in East London has been the scene of the discovery of the bodies of twenty-two people. At some ungodly hour early on Sunday morning, a horrifying scene played out at the Enyobeni Tavern in Scenery Park. Panicked messages were sent out calling for the assistance of the police, the metro, and ambulances.

There are reporters present, but the photographs they have taken are not suitable for publication. At this point, no one knows what caused the deaths, but some people think that the customers were given poison or that something caused a stampede that hurt and killed many people.

Multiple bodies are scattered across tables, chairs, and the floor at the club, but none of the victims appears to have been harmed. Desperate parents and family members can be seen outside the building, pleading with security personnel to let them inside while shouting the names of their missing loved ones. None of them is responding. A significant number of police cars and ambulances have just arrived at the location of the incident. At this point, dispatch has been aware of at least 22 people who have died.

This is a narrative that is still unfolding. After it was posted on social media, many people suggested that there must be a leak inside the tar. Ben's cause of death is still unknown. People are just suspecting. Stay tuned for more updates.