At a nightclub in East London, 22 bodies have been discovered.
Enyobeni Tavern

At the Enyobeni Tavern in Scenery Park, is where the horrifying scenes began early on Sunday morning as frantic messages pleaded for help from the police, the metro, and ambulances.

According to Sowetan Live, the exact reason for the deaths is now unknown, there has been suspicion that either the clients were exposed to some sort of poison or that there was an occurrence that caused a significant number of people to become injured and die in a rush.

The victims at the tavern were seen sprawled across the floor, chairs, and tables and show no evident evidence of injury.

It is reported that parents and family members were outside pleading for entry into the building and yelling out the names of their missing loved ones. However, no one responded.

Police Minister Bheki Cele struggles to contain himself outside the East London Mortuary where the bodies of 20 young people who passed away at in East London were taken.