A drain and sewer system is an important aspect of anyone’s home. We rely on them to dispose of waste and wastewater in an effective and sanitary manner. Unfortunately, drain care and maintenance falls at the bottom of a lot of property owners’ priority list. As long as the water is freely flowing off the kitchen sink or the bathroom, drainage is the last thing to be concerned about. So how confident are you that your home will never require a Blocked Drain Sydney expert's help for a long period of time? Let’s find out whether or not your home is vulnerable to drain blockages.

You have trees nearby or in front of your property

Trees provide shade, make a great aesthetic addition to yards and help make us tolerate heat in the dead of summer. However, these trees don't always have a favourable effect on homes as their roots can easily end up in your drain line. Roots are extremely sensitive to where moisture is in their surrounding soil and then crawl towards it. For them, your drainage system is a highway of nutrients and moisture - a great place to thrive.

The problem with trees is when they start growing anchor roots, they can begin to penetrate deep within the drain and surround intact pipes without causing issues. But if your pipe has small cracks and gaps, these roots can get in there and begin their rapid growth. The next thing you know, your drain is completely blocked.

If you live in an area where there are a lot of trees, then you need the Blocked Drain Sydney’s help to determine whether or not tree roots are present in your drain line and ask them to get rid of them before it’s too late.

You have not yet asked a plumber to run a pipe inspection

That doesn’t mean you’re not running into plumbing trouble then your system is in good shape. Keep in mind that there are silent signs of plumbing faults that only the experts can identify through pipe inspections. Frequent slow drains for example may be just a random annoyance in your home, but they could also be a sign of tree root penetration rather than just a minor obstruction. Tree roots are much more dangerous than they are usually considered. If you do have them, the last thing you want is for them to stay there. Therefore, it’s important that pipe inspection and drain maintenance are done regularly to avoid emergency issues caused by drain problems.

You have an antiquated plumbing

Ageing plumbing is not the worst of it but the danger and damage down the line. When your drainage system is old that means they’re no longer up to standard nowadays and by no chance may be able to hold up to different drain problems, including blockages that commonly occur to pipes that have been installed many decades ago. Deciding how to best deal with potential blockages to antiquated plumbing can be costly as it may not only turn out to be just needing a blocked drain cleaning Sydney services but a complete repiping.

If you continue to use your plumbing, it’s recommended that you seek advice from blocked drain repair professionals. We can feed through a camera down your drains and check if it can still stand years of use. We may be able to also provide you options to extend the lifespan of your drainpipe through relining if that is still suitable.

You’re running into a constant slow drain problem

Drainage problems can appear in different forms. If you hired a plumber to fix a slow drain the first time but the problem keeps coming back, that means there’s something serious that is causing the problem. The reason that you’ve hired a plumber in the first place is already a sign that your plumbing is not in good condition. Even if you feel the problem seems minor, it always leaves behind the undesirable need for unblocking drain repair. Don’t ignore a frequent slow drain problem. That alone tells you that something down the drain line is not right and it’s causing the problem to recur.

If this is a scenario in your home, call Blocked Drain Cleaning Sydney pros, like ourselves. We have high-grade tools that can spot blockages and clear them permanently for you.

You cannot remember the last time you ask a plumber to do drain cleaning

Wow, you must be hard on your plumbing. We can’t imagine how your drainpipe looks now if we will run pipe inspections. Your drains may not tell you now that there’s a serious problem but remember, a lot of times, when it starts to show signs of failure, it is already at its worst. It shouldn’t be as hard as you think to put drain care on your home upkeep list. Keep a blocked drain plumber’s number on your speed dial and get them to clean your drains at least every 2 months. The amount you’d be paying to clear your drains is nothing comparable to the cost you’d have to pay when a drain problem is already out of hand.

How Effective is Blocked Drain Cleaning Sydney Services?

As time goes on, grease and organic particles, such as food or hair, build up on the walls of a drainpipe and cause a blockage. If they are left clinging to the surface of your pipes for so long, the more this buildup will have an opportunity to turn into a more significant clog and eventually put pressure on your pipes. The pipe will then develop leaks or gaps and finally break open. Clearing buildups in pipes on a regular basis helps avoid future major drainage problems.

What Should You Do?

If your home falls into the category above, then you have to be prepared for the worst. A non-working drain system can be a major source of stress and commotion in homes, much more if your home is vulnerable to blockages. If you’ve ever run into choked drains you know how devastating and costly it can be, let alone the safety and health risks that go with it. The good news is, that if you take the right steps to fix little problems right away, you can also avoid big troubles going forward.

So do yourself a favour by calling Revolution Pipe Relining now. We offer different unblock drain services to fix blocked toilet drain, blocked sewer pipe, blocked sewer drain and blocked stormwater drains for you. If all of these components that make up your drainage system are in good condition, you can sleep soundly knowing you will never have a blocked drain problem again.