Most people think that buying any kind of electric skateboard wheel is okay. However, in reality, choosing the right wheels can make a difference to your skateboarding experience. To enjoy a smooth and safe ride on your electric skateboard, you should do your due diligence to find the best wheels for your needs.

From materials to sizes, there are countless things you need to consider when looking for electric skateboard wheels. While some electric skateboards will let you switch between all-terrain and street wheels for better flexibility, others may require you to opt for specific ones.

If you don’t know where to start when shopping, read this guide to choose the right and best electric skateboard wheels available on the market.

Know Your Options

When it comes to electric skateboard wheels, there are various types you can choose from, including all-terrain wheels, hub motor wheels, and standard wheels. All of these electric skateboard wheels can give you a great ride experience. With these various wheel types, it’s essential to know their pros and cons before purchasing one to ensure you get the most suitable one for you and your board.

Hub Motor Wheels

Compared to some electric skateboard wheels, hub motor wheels are designed for hub motors. Typically, they can be used for entry-level electric skateboards and are unsuitable for sophisticated models.

One of the advantages of hub motor wheels is their low weight, which is a feature that provides better energy efficiency. In terms of their downsides, these wheels are often made of plastic or thin urethane, offering less shock absorption. Therefore, you might not be able to experience the smoothest possible ride.

All-Terrain Wheels

To ensure skateboarding safety, your best option is an all-terrain wheel. Unlike other electric skateboard wheels, all-terrain wheels are often bigger, ranging from 70mm to 170mm. You can use them on paved ground, grass, dirt tracks, and other off-road situations. The only downside of all-terrain wheels is that they require more maintenance because they’re subject to punctures.

Standard Wheels

Standard electric skateboard wheels may vary from 70mm to 100mm in diameter and aren’t equipped with an integrated motor. Due to their high-quality materials and size, these wheels perform well on various road types and offer smoother rides. Although they don’t provide the best grip, standard electric skateboard wheels are perfect for daily riding around your city.

Determine Your Budget

When buying electric skateboard wheels, it’s essential to determine your budget. Since the cost of these wheels varies widely depending on the brand and features, some price ranges may not fall within what you can afford. So, before choosing your preferred electric skateboard wheels, prioritize determining your budget first.

Keep The Durometer Scale In Mind

Another thing to consider when purchasing electric skateboard wheels is the Durometer scale. It refers to the hardness or softness of the wheels. Many brands use the A scale to quantify the wheel’s hardness, which falls at a 100-point scale.

Generally, the hardness also determines whether the wheels are suitable for longboards or electric skateboards. If you’re looking for wheels with greater grip, opt for 70A or 80A wheels. These are made to offer smoother rides on various terrains and roll easily over pebbles and cracks. If you’re a beginner, consider 100A or 101A wheels designed for smooth surfaces, skate parks, ramps, and pools.

Choose Wheel Edges And Contact Patch Wisely

As its name implies, the wheel’s contact patch is the part that makes contact with the road surface. It’s a crucial consideration since the bigger the contact patch, the bigger the area over which your weight can be distributed. In addition to the contact patch, the wheel’s edges are essential because they affect the board’s drifting feature and the contact patch’s size. Some of the common wheel edges are as follows:

  • Bevel Edges: They are known to improve speed and offer less contact with the pavement.
  • Square Edges: Wheels with square edges are excellent for downhill since they provide better stability and maximum speed.
  • Round Edges: These are ideal for those who want to do drifting.

Decide Where To Buy

Electric skateboard wheels are available in both offline and online stores. Depending on your preferences, whether you enjoy skateboarding for sustainability or fun, decide where to purchase your electric skateboard wheels. These days, shopping is made easy and more convenient because you have an option to buy online or offline.

If you’re unsure about the best wheels for your electric skateboard, it’s better to shop locally. Sometimes, local dealers recommend or suggest the right electric skateboard wheels suited to your budget and needs. Shopping locally may also be handy if you want to try other types of wheels.

On the other hand, if you’re confident about the wheels you want to purchase, you can save more time shopping online. Just ensure to select a reliable store that’s known for quality products. This way, you can ensure your money is safe, and you’ll get the wheels you need.

Bottom Line

With the numerous options in the market, buying the ideal electric skateboard wheels for your needs is never easy. However, if you follow the guide above, you can make a well-informed decision, regardless of the model or configuration of your electric skateboard.