The miniskirt is a wardrobe staple for many women. It's a great way to show off your legs and can be worn in both casual and formal situations. However, wearing one does require some consideration.

There's no doubt that the midi skirt has been the trend of the year, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora leading the way. But while this style is great for parties, it can be difficult to dress down for everyday wear.

So how do you wear these trendy mini dresses without looking like you're trying too hard? Here are some tips:

Tame The Hemline.

The most important thing to consider is how you want to show off your legs. If you want to accentuate your legs, opt for a longer skirt with a slit or slit detail near the bottom hem. This will give the illusion of longer legs and draw attention down towards your feet instead of up towards your waist. If you want to hide them, choose a short skirt that ends at mid-thigh or higher. The higher the hemline, the more conservative it looks — so long as you're comfortable with showing skin!

Choose The Right Fabric.

Miniskirts are typically made from light fabrics that breathe well, such as cotton or linen — though they can also be made from other natural fibres like wool or silk. If you're going somewhere hot and humid, opt for something light, so it doesn't cling too much or make you feel too hot; if it's cold outside, choose something warm enough to keep you warm but not too heavy so that it feels restrictive when you move around in it.

Find The Right Occasion.

The important thing you need to realize is that a mini skirt isn't for every occasion. It's best suited for daytime events like brunch or shopping trips with friends and not for nights out with the girls. If you're going out for dinner or drinks with your boyfriend, then it's probably best to leave the mini in the closet.

If you think you have what it takes to wear one at night (and we hope you do!), then here are some guidelines that will help you choose which length of the skirt is right for any given occasion:

Brunch with friends: A maxi-length mini (just above the knee) or a full-length skirt that hits just below the knee works well for brunch or shopping trips with friends because they keep things casual while still showing off your legs. If the event calls for something dressier (like Easter brunch), then go with a longer maxi-length

If you're going to a wedding or another formal event, make sure your skirt's hemline is at least above the knee. You don't want to be caught up in the drama of someone else's wedding — and it's best not to risk it anyway!

Go With A Neutral Color.

A black or navy miniskirt will never go out of style and can be easily paired with sexy going out tops or shoes. If you're going to wear a bright colour, keep your accessories minimal, so they don't compete with the skirt itself.

Add A Blazer.

A fitted blazer works well over a short skirt because it adds structure and sophistication but still keeps things casual enough for everyday wear. Try pairing one with leggings or tights when it's cold outside, and add heels if you're going somewhere fancy, like work or an event.

High-Waisted Styles.

High-waisted skirts give you more coverage than their low-risk counterparts, making them ideal for women who want to show off their legs but don't want to expose too much skin at once.

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Wear Tights Or Leggings.

If you've got legs for days and want to show them off, this is your best bet. If not, it helps to have a little bit of coverage, so your legs don't look short next to the rest of your body. Or, if you're going out at night and want your outfit to look more put together, consider wearing tights or leggings under the skirt. Choose sheer hosiery for more casual events and opaque for something more formal.

Pair With A Longer Top.

If you're wearing short trendy mini dresses, make sure your top covers at least half of your thighs. This will help balance out the proportions on either side of your body and create a more flattering look overall.

If you're not comfortable showing off your legs, try pairing your miniskirt with an A-line top that fits loosely around your waist and falls below your hips, so it covers up any exposed skin at the bottom hem of your skirt. Be sure to wear this layered look with heels, so you're not towering over everyone else!

Wear Something Flowy.

A miniskirt is great because it's fun and flirty but also has a length so you won't be exposing too much skin. It's also really versatile — you can pair it with a printed t-shirt or sexy going-out tops for an edgy look, or add some bling by pairing it with a sequined top or blazer.

Add Cool Boots.

For the most fashionable look, slip on some tall boots that cover up your ankles and go up to just below your knee (so they don't compete with the skirt). These boots will bring out the rockstar vibe of the skirt while adding extra warmth for those chilly days ahead! Also, miniskirts can make your legs look longer if they're paired with boots that stop at least one inch above the ankle. Anything shorter than that, and you risk looking like a schoolgirl!

That's all! Go now and get your miniskirt now.