Haven't you considered owning a sheep? Well, not precisely a natural sheep, but the cutest decorative sheep figurine you will ever see.

Meier Germany is a German designer and manufacturer of the iconic white sheep and lamb. This family-owned company began in 1948 with the art craftsman Hermann Meier, who first created the rocking horse and produced them alone, with almost no machine, to support his family. The Meier Sheep figurines have fascinated children and adults for over 50 years.

In 1970 his son took over his father’s business to create more pieces by mixing his auto mechanic skills with his father’s visual and creative skills.

Today the collection has grown to include lifesize alpacas, colourful birds, and vintage rocking horses.

When it comes to tips for displaying a sheep or lamb in the home, we suggest using them as accent pieces, no different than placing a piece of sculpture. Some of our clients use them to decorate their kids' rooms, but you may find these cute sheep and lambs in the resorts’ lobbies and living rooms.

Meier White Sheep

Made from genuine wool sourced in the EU, the white sheep is a bestseller from the German designer. It brings a unique vibe into any room.

There are five sizes available, but if you want to make a difference with a sheep. Then the Meier pink sheep and the grey-brown sheep version are for you.

Grazing Lamb and Sheep

In the latest collection of Meier Germany, unlike the previous version, the wooden grazing sheep and lambs come with natural curly wool, blue eye colour, and their tiny ears have leather to offer a pleasant tactile experience.

They come in four sizes: tiny, small, medium, and large.

If you want them to decorate your nursery room, we recommend a more playful and practical sheep for your child; the rocking white sheep and white sheep pull-along will give hours of fun and look good in any room.

At Playoffside.com, we honour their craft and the attention to detail the manufacturer puts into each piece. We invite you to discover the Meier Animal Collection to find statement d├ęcor pieces for your home.

Grey-brown Sheep Figurine Natural Wool

You'll love our Grey-brown Sheep if you're looking for a sheep figurine made of natural wool. The design of the grey sheep is fascinating, especially for adults.

Admittedly, the quality of the Grey-brown sheep figurine is first class. Therefore, you’ll love your adult kid's white wool natural wool sheep.

There are colourful options for the natural wool figurine, including white, light brown, brown, pink, and black. Consequently, you’ll get a good combination of your favourite colour and quality after purchasing the natural wool sheep figurine.

The Sum Up!

So, you’re looking for a decorative sheep figurine for your little ones? If you love so, you must be fascinated with our list's figurine choice for no reason.

All of our decorative figurines are made by Meier Germany; like other products of Meier Germany, there’s the question regarding the figurine's quality.