A living room is the central space of any home and the first interface for guests in your humble abode. The design of a living room is symbolic of your personality and sense of style. Fashioning an attractive, functional and practical living room is key to enjoying time indoors – even if you have a compact living room! If you are looking for creative ways to modify your humble abode, you have reached the right spot! Here are eight unique ways to furnish your compact home without overcrowding your space.

Wall Mounted TV Unit

No living room is complete without a TV unit. What would earlier house a simple TV has now become a centre for gadgets, modems and full entertainment consoles? If you've got the works but not the space, a wall-mounted TV unit is your best bet. An elegant polyethene finish with soft closing drawers is the perfect contemporary TV unit that suits most homes. This offers plenty of storage for gadgets, cables and more.

Strategic Mirrors

Decorating a home with mirrors is far more exciting than it seems. Trust mirrors to bounce light and energy off multiple walls in your living room. Place these mirrors in strategic walls so your space seems more significant and more vibrant. Using similar frames and structures, you can design mirrors with a cohesive look. This gives an image of uniformity and shape to your interiors. According to Feng Shui, placing mirrors in foyers and walkways in your home is also a great benefit, as it is known to multiply positive energy and retain it within the walls of your home.

Flexible Seating

Don't crowd your compact home with several pieces of furniture you seldom use. If you love playing host, invest in modifiable furniture that can contract or expand per your requirements. We are talking foldable dining tables, extendable coffee tables, expandable sofa sets and more. These furnishing options play it by the need to collapse for daily use, giving you plenty of space for your daily activities.

Keep It Simple

Respect the limited space in your living room by choosing furniture wisely. Opt for slim and slender no-fuss sofas that do justice to your floor space, corners and floor design. Instead of using up precious floor space for artefacts and home décor, use your walls and doors to make a statement. Acrylic coffee tables work well for small spaces, slipping into invisibility when not needed. Play down your fixtures and play up upholstery, wall art and windows to give your compact living room a neat and defined look.

Vertical Storage

Your Home may not have much to offer in terms of floor space, but you can certainly use its vertical height to your advantage. Take cabinets, shelves and cupboards up to your ceiling so you can max out on storage space. Use topmost shelves for seasonal items such as winter wear, rugs, snow shovels and more. Vertical storage also adds character and dimension to a home. Back these up with high curtains or paintings to give the illusion of space.

Smart Lighting

Lighting can make a world of difference to your home. Swing arm sconces, wall-mounted light pieces and LED Lights make great space-saving options. Strategically place these fittings so just a few go a long way. With intelligent lighting, we don't just meet technology-enabled lighting. Leverage natural and artificial sources of light to make your home seem more spacious, airy and comfortable than it is. Use light colours in drapes, rugs and upholstery to give an illusion of space.

Barn Doors

What's not to love about sleek sliding doors that give your home cosy countryside feel? Barn doors have been around forever, helping interior decorators work with compact spaces while keeping aesthetics intact. A barn door is a versatile option, working well with wood and metal. Glass panel your barn door to give it a contemporary look, only if you don't mind compromising on privacy.

Built-In Shelves

Built-in shelves throw up plenty of storage without eating into your floor space! Built-in shelves can be made with concrete, wood or stone finish to suit the aesthetics of your living room. Built-in shelves are great for transforming a protrusion in your room or an awkward corner of little use. If Built-in shelves are difficult, floating shelves are also a great idea to add character and dimension to your living space. Keep built-in shelves the same colour as your walls for a neat look. This gives a sense of uniformity and elegance to your living room.

Wrap Up

Making the best out of available space is an art. We hope the above ideas have given you enough inspiration for your personality, opinions and personal style in your living room décor!