"A law that will revolutionize the market and change the image of Trump himself"

Donald Trump has signed a farm bill in the US that changes everything. And, not to believe it, in some things, the ruddy ultra-conservative president himself changes something for the better.

For more freedom and economic growth: good old Donald has legalized hemp.

The most conservative president in contemporary history followed science and told his farmers: “plant CBD cannabis”.

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CBD and the US farm bill

The US farm bill signed a few years ago has enormous importance. It changes everything.

On the one hand, it defines an impressive number of subsidies. On the other, it authorizes hemp and puts it on an equal footing with any other crop, which revolutionizes the entire world, not only in the agricultural aspect but also in the financial one.

Seeing it is believing it: Donald Trump signs the law that ultimately authorizes the production of Cannabis Sativa, as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC, the chemical compound that generates psychoactivity.

Parliamentarians had already given overwhelming approval in both houses: it changed world agriculture forever because it marked the confirmation of the return of hemp to legal agriculture. The plant that allowed the Chinese to invent paper and sailors from the 10th to the19th century to sail the oceans powered only by wind power thus ends an absurd ban.

Hemp becomes just another crop, like wheat or corn, but, of course, it is not just another crop because there is an explosion in demand for it throughout the world and because it allows the construction of agro-industrial chains with the highest possible value by transforming a flower in a medicine.

CBD, the most crucial acronym in agriculture, the fashionable molecule, is legalized, and thus not only agriculture changes. As of this week, medicine has also changed.

Cannabidiol is legal in the US

That cannabinoid that many parents – and their doctors – have seen how works for some types of epilepsy that affect their children and that many older people have also seen relieve rheumatic pain, among other ailments.

We do not know what Donald Trump thinks about the Cannabis Sativa plant, but we do know that scientific criteria and common sense prevailed in an overwhelming majority. The new "Farm Bill" had a very loose approval in both chambers: 87-13 in the Senate and 369-47 in Representatives.

The law is voted every five years, a significant allocation of money is voted and its uses are left in writing. It includes a food subsidy for low-income populations and all the regulatory details of agriculture.

The previous one was from 2014. It has an impressive amount of US$ 867,000 million – for five years, a budget of US$ 137,000 million per year. That also includes direct support to producers, mainly through an insurance system, but also by constantly rewarding reserve programs, such as maintaining natural pastures.

In addition, this year contains lifting an absurd ban: cannabis with less than 0.3% THC – the potentially psychoactive molecule – is released.

Do not be surprised that a Tesla made of cannabis appears. Ford has already done so. In Europe this year, the Chamber of Hemp Companies awarded the best innovation 2018 to a Dutch company that makes electric motorcycles with bioplastic: green wherever you look at it.

The Farm Bill changes the industrial world and the food market, possibly the entire world, because the cannabis seed, which is not psychoactive in any way and whose prohibition makes no sense, is an excellent oilseed and a source of protein flour.

It is already used extensively in the US and Europe, but it has stopped doing so with a state logic and disabling bank financing so that from now on, it will function "with all of the law". And if you have a medicinal market for children, actually, your most important market is in the public of 50 years and above since many consider CBD neuroprotective.

The new law could also enable textile enterprises since hemp can be an excellent dual-purpose crop for seed and fibre. It is worth repeating it once again. Neither the seed nor the fabric has psychoactivity.

The speed of change is impressive

Mexico has already enabled several high CBD foods and products and, with the new administration, it will move as fast as possible on this issue with which all of North America will have a new status.

In the same week, New Zealand approved the use of medicinal cannabis and announced a 2020 referendum on the approval of adult recreational use.

In the same week that the largest brewer in the world, the one that plants 80% of Uruguay's barley, announced an agreement with the Canadian Tilray for the US $100 million to develop a beer without alcohol and psychoactivity with cannabis and its flavour.

Having the choice to better care for yourself

In 2019, a study carried out by several neurobiology researchers from universities in the United States, Canada and Italy demonstrated that CBD stimulates the production of serotonin, otherwise known as the happiness hormone.

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