Immigration to European Union countries gives a lot of benefits to people. To get legal employment and other advantages of EU countries, all you need to do is to obtain citizenship of these nations.

Becoming a European Union citizen is not easy, but with the help of a professional immigration company, it is quite possible. One of those experts is In this overview, you will find real information about the company according to the clients` reviews; features of EUCitizensship amongst other immigration lawyers.

Ways to obtain dual citizenship

Getting an EU passport is the first thing people should consider if they want to move to a European country. This document presents to its holder much more benefits than a residence permit of one of the EU countries.

There are three of the most popular ways among immigrants to obtain citizenship in the European Union:
  • By descent. A family member who lives/was born in the EU can present the proof of their nationality, and make it possible for their children/grandchildren to get an EU passport.
  • By naturalization. If people lived and worked long enough in the EU, they could become EU citizens within at least 8 years.
  • By investment. This method is suitable for wealthy people who are ready to invest a great financial sum in the country of relocation.

The applicants do not need to renounce the citizenship of a current state if they are getting an EU passport by repatriation. Current citizenship stays with its holder, even though the person is getting a second one. According to feedback from EUCitizensship`s clients, it is worth trying to find your documents in the repository, and thus apply for an EU passport by repatriation, as this is the most convenient way to immigrate.

Necessary steps the immigrants should follow to obtain an EU passport:
  1. Gathering documents. People need to know how to complete documents in compliance with the law.
  2. Application procedure. When you are going to some department, you should learn the rules for the immigrants, and follow them in accordance with international law.
  3. Paying the fee. The cost is different depending on the government.
A European passport gives a lot of benefits to its holder, that includes the right to live, study, and work in any EU country. Also, there is a great opportunity for the travellers, such as the right to visit over 100 countries without a visa.

Support of in the European passport obtaining procedure

EUCitizensship is ready to help people get an EU passport and become citizens of developed countries. The company assists in choosing an immigration program, preparing necessary documents, and managing of all stages of EU immigration procedures.

Before starting registration with the company, people need to learn more about its support.

The company has started working in 2016 and, become a reliable expert in the international migration field. always works following the clients` interests: the company keeps safe personal data of the applicants, and provides the high-quality service.

Advantages of cooperation with EUCitizensship:
  • A safe and reliable company that helps people immigrate to Europe within a year.
  • provides full support at all stages of the European passport obtaining procedure.
  • The lawyers offer professional relevant solutions to the clients.
Registration without lawyers` help can provide the applicant`s immigration way with unexpected issues. The experts will guarantee for each of the clients a legal collection of the documents, and monitor all steps, taking into consideration nuances that can appear in the way of EU passport obtaining procedure.

EUCitizensship: reviews about cooperation with the lawyers

The effectiveness of cooperating with the company is proved by the personal experience of its clients. EUCitizensship`s customers are satisfied with the lawyer`s work, which influenced their opinion of the company. Clients` feedback about cooperation with the experts just prove the professionalism of them. Customers of EUCitizensship say that it was a great decision to immigrate with the help of the lawyers, as the experts saved a lot of applicants` time. They admit fast dealing with paperwork, organizing the whole process, and great support during consultations. As a result of EUCitizensship`s work – people have achieved their immigration goals.


Immigration is full of issues which needs to be solved. Taking into account, all the nuances, which can appear on the immigration way, it will be a nice decision to ask for the lawyers` help. In fact, even if the immigrants are well knowledgeable in the law of their native country, they cannot learn all the pitfalls of European law. According to clients` reviews, EUCitizensship can guarantee complete support that starts with collecting the documents.