Do you want to satisfy your cravings for skiing? Are you in love with new technology? The electric skateboard is what you need. Discover in this article tips for choosing your skateboard to do tricks or to get around town.

How to choose your electric skateboard?

To acquire an electric skateboard, you must take into account some important details.

Find an electric skateboard that meets your needs

In the market, you will find many types of electric skateboards. Thus, before betting on a specific model, you must define what you are going to do with your urban vehicle. If it's for commuting around town or going to work, a practical model that's space-saving and easy to handle is best. With the latter, you can take public transport without disturbing other passengers.

The electric longboard is designed for long rides and turns. It offers unparalleled fluidity of use. It can go up to 40 km/h, which allows you to go for high-speed rides with excellent manoeuvrability.

The all-terrain electric skateboard, it is intended for sliding enthusiasts and thrill-seekers. This model has notched tires that are suitable for all types of terrain and more power. It will offer you unparalleled driving comfort.

Other points not to be overlooked

Power and battery life

When buying an electric skateboard, check the power of its battery. This is expressed in mAh. The higher the value indicated, the more efficient the battery. On the market, you will also find battery models for storing the kinetic energy of your motor vehicle. This system is used to charge the device indirectly.

The engine of the urban vehicle

Apart from the battery, the motor also defines the power of your electric skateboard. A powerful motor gives you the ability to move faster with better acceleration. You will recognize it with its large value displayed in Watt. In addition, some electric skateboard models are equipped with 2 motors. They are perfect for off-roading or to further optimize the energy used by the board.

The remote control and the available operating modes

To allow you to control your electric skateboard, it is equipped with remote control. This must be placed directly in your hand. Therefore, it must be ergonomic. When purchasing, check that the remote control gives you the option of setting a maximum speed to be respected, adjusting the braking mode or even activating cruise control. Some models only have a remote control for speeding up and slowing down. It is best to refer to your budget. Indeed, motorized skateboards with advanced technology require a larger budget. The weight of the skateboard as well as the dimensions of the board. The weight of an electric skateboard varies depending on its motor and battery. Heavier models are more efficient and stable. However, they are more difficult to carry by hand.

As for the dimensions of the board, they make it possible to define the stability and manoeuvrability of the vehicle. A larger board will suit beginners while a smaller model is perfect for those who already know how to use a skateboard. And finally, you can rely on Voeep to get the best electric skateboard ever made.