Organisations may use archiving tools to keep track of all social media postings and activities for compliance concerns. Financial services enterprises, law firms, and other organisations that need to legally preserve all of their social media postings and employees' social media activity might benefit from social media archiving tools.

Posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, and other social media platforms are captured and archived using social media archiving software. This article will tell you about the 5 best social media archiving tools. So without any delay, let us learn and have a look.

1) Pagefreezer

Pagefreezer helps you keep track of online conversations and archive social media activity on your official accounts. Pagefreezer is simple to use and produces just what is required. Pagefreezer's social media archiving solution uses social media APIs to collect data in real-time, resulting in the industry's most complete social media content collection.

2) ArchiveSocial

One of the most trustworthy archiving applications for public bodies' records compliance and risk management, ArchiveSocial links directly to your social networks, capturing and preserving all of the material your company posts and participates in real-time. And it's all contained in a single, secure archive, allowing you to simply manage your online conversations while also assisting your company in remaining compliant with public records laws, rules, and recordkeeping objectives.

3) Jatheon

You'll be up and running in a day with Jatheon Cloud, and you'll have unequalled deployment and everyday usage ease. The email archiving software's redesigned UI will make archiving simple and easy for you. In the archiving sector, its processing speed and intelligent search remain unrivalled. You'll receive everything you need in an archive without the upfront costs, and managing email archiving will be a breeze with the easy per-mailbox price.

4) Intraday

Intradyn's proven email archiving solutions will not only safeguard your company in the case of future litigation, eDiscovery requests, or Right to Know requests but will also provide you peace of mind acknowledging that your emails are secure and easily searchable. Intraday has built a whole line of unique archiving solutions to answer your most critical business concerns, from regulatory compliance to eDiscovery and litigation.

5) OneSecure Technology

OneSecure Technology provides a comprehensive set of high-performance solutions to help organisations get the most out of their information technology investments. Your network systems and data are secure, reliable, and secure with their solutions. From the ground up, they collaborate with their customers to plan, create, and integrate any of the following solutions into their existing network architecture.


to conclude everything that has been stated so far, we can have an idea of how social media has taken all over the world in mere few years. There is no going back from here. The only solution is to make your data secure. How do you do it? Obviously, by using the software or services mentioned above in the article. We have mentioned some best social media archiving tools that will help you counter all the threats and make you feel secure.