Summer vacation is just around the corner. Have you planned your vacation? What is your favourite type of vacation? Do you go to the beach to find a moment of calm from the bustle of the city, or do you want to try the stir to another town by visiting cafes, museums, and shopping centres? In addition to refreshing, you will pack clothes and equipment you have to bring. Travelling with style is a must if you are very fashion-forward.

So for those of you who don't want to bother choosing clothes, don't have an OOTD idea yet? But want always to look attractive, fashionable, and fashionable. Don't worry, because this time, we will share with you all about summer-style tights and fashion tips that still make you look attractive for your daily and holiday appearances. Check it out!


If you like to experiment with various kinds of outfits, you don't want to miss the style that is happening right now. Style mix and match your favourite outfits by adding a corset. If usually the corset is used as an interior and is more often used for the interior, now the corset has become a different fashion item.

No longer used as an interior, a corset is now used outside of clothes to complete your outfit. Are you curious about how the corset is worn outside of clothes? The corset dress fashion trend seems to be attracting the attention of some fashion observers today. Louis Vuitton itself also held a unique showcase for Fall/Winter 2013. Although a little provocative, the corset dress will become a trend that will be in demand for those who dare to be different and to steal attention. However, it must follow the atmosphere and the event being attended because a corset is like lingerie that displays curves and seductive body parts.

Here are some ways to mix and match your corset. You can use a corset shirt top to make it look stylish. You can also add a coat. Or, if you want to look more fashionable, you can choose a corset with attractive and bright colours and patterns, and mix-match it with a shirt or t-shirt. Complete your appearance with ripped jeans or a span skirt and high heels or sneakers. Or you can try wearing a corset belt like wearing a belt or a belt worn outside, which can sweeten your appearance. Usually, this type of belt is extensive, with various colours such as black, white, brown, or navy blue. Combine it with the right clothes you will wear. Guaranteed your appearance will not disappoint!


Often considered the most straightforward fashion item. Apart from being elastic and comfortable to wear, it can also be used for various events, both formal and casual. It had become a popular fashion item in the 80s. Last time, leggings were known as yoga pants. Leggings with stretchy claims will make you comfortable in long wear, and don't forget to choose underwear that matches the colour of the leggings to prevent the impression of being transparent.

You can maximise your casual and sporty look in various ways, for example, a plain mini-dress without a motif with leggings. The use of sexy cut out tops with leggings for a workout. For those of you who want to come to non-formal events. Wear a long-sleeved crop top combined with hot pants. And you can also add leggings or stockings. This mix and match will make your style even better when hanging out with friends or taking an afternoon walk.

Have a span skirt or mini skirt that you haven't used in a long time in your closet? Come on, combine it with leggings and get a trendy chic look. Don't forget to wear an oversized t-shirt or a hip-length turtleneck, and your face is guaranteed to be a hit. Another style that you can try is choosing a colour clash between the skirt and the leggings you are wearing. This look can give an okay retro impression. Remember, choose materials that are light, comfortable, and easy to absorb sweat.

Cut Out Mini Dresses

Clothing with this cut will show the skin but still give the impression of not being too revealing, and it can also provide a chic appearance. Open details on clothes like these cut-outs have been around since the 1930s. It became famous in the 1960s when the cut showed the skin was usually found at the waist.

This fashion item is considered timeless and will not go out of style. The reason is that the cut on the dress will always give a stylish and sexy impression, but still classy when worn. Cut-out outfits are usually popular in summer. If you feel comfortable showing some parts of your body, then this type of clothing can be the right choice to increase your confidence.

You can use a cut-out dress with some statement jewellery that can support a chic and classy style. You can also choose a mini dress with an abstract motif that can give a maximum impression. Pair it with sneakers if you want to look more casual and reduce the sexy image on the mini dress you will wear. Sneakers can make you look more sporty and elegant. Choose essential white sneakers to make it easy to mix and match with various colours, motifs and cutting mini dresses.

When on vacation, of course, you want to update photos on your social media accounts. The next tip is to wear a statement top while on vacation to the beach, such as a ruffle or asymmetrical accent top. Because the boss you are wearing is already on point, so for the subordinates, you can wear plain ones.

Choose based on the style or impression you want to show to get the right outfit. In addition, materials, prices, and events to be attended should also be considered. One of the keys to a suitable outfit is comfortable to wear. With the temperature rising in the summer, it will be more comfortable if you wear loose-fitting clothes, which allow air circulation for the skin. But for those of you, who want to show something different, the ideas above are worth trying!