I am hotter then almost everyone on Tweeter

Does someone you love tell you that you are beautiful each day? Maybe they do, perhaps they don’t, but here is a better question: do you tell yourself that you are gorgeous each day? I bet you don’t, but maybe you should. What would happen if you did?

Let me ask you this: if we refuse to see our own beauty, celebrate it or witness it or draw it out, how is anyone else supposed to see it or appreciate it? What is beauty anyway? If our actions were to be believed, beauty is an expression of how hard we are willing to make ourselves over into the image of someone we are not, someone we think we are supposed to be, a painted up and tucked in and altogether paler version of our most authentic selves.

The South African girl featured in this article posted on social media hours ago that she is beautiful, but many people were not impressed.

If you feel most beautiful in your skin when you are made up and dressed to impress, then take no offence and carry on. You are lovely, just as you are - just as you are standing there, bare face. I hope you tell yourself that you’re beautiful.

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Beauty is not a cultural construct, and appreciating beauty is not learned but is instead a biological adaptation, a part of universal human nature. The preferences for some physical characteristics reflect adaptations for mate choice because they signal aspects of mate quality.

Why is self-love important?

Self-love might sound like a luxury rather than a necessity - or a new-age fad for those with too much time. Ironically, however, self-care and -compassion might actually be needed most by those of us who work too hard and constantly strive to surpass ourselves and grasp the shape-shifting phantasm of perfection.