Mihlali is a well-known social media influencer, and now she is rumoured as some people believe that she is not dating but cheating. She stands accused of having had Leeroy Sidambe as a receipt that is circulating on social media about the maintenance of Mihlali's lifestyle. The receipt said it was for Mihlali with her name on it, but nothing was confirmed as coming from Leeroy or Mihlali.


Musa Khawula is someone who is trusted a lot by his followers about the updates he makes. When the matter of AKA and Nadia Nakai was first raised, he did not post anything, but later, he did with a different story. People believe what they see on social media, and they seem confident more, especially with the receipt coming from Musa Khuwula again.

It is intriguing to see how people around Twitter are looking boldly into famous people's lifestyles and capturing everything that is happening in public spaces. It is very hard to hide from Twitter investigators about your lifestyle, and the only way to keep a secret is to keep it private. No social media updates and public appearances would keep it private.


It is also not easy to tell them online to give you privacy, and this is the time when they are heavily coming for you and what they know. The invoice was for an item that she got and was a designer one. The invoice does not show any direct proof that it was Leeroy because it was compiled by the sales rep.


It could be the person whom people named Leeroy. With the settled amount, maybe she is the one who paid for it. Social media influencers are always under the bus for their lifestyle the moment something big happens. It is not all the time they will be reported as the ones who pay for their lavish lifestyle.