Women always approach the choice of clothes and accessories with special interest. This is due to the fact that clothes can tell the opposite sex about your tastes, preferences, and character traits. Every woman is the owner of the unique, inimitable beauty of forms. Accessories help to give beautiful accents and emphasise femininity. That is why designers are constantly looking for creative solutions to create new ways to display femininity and sexuality.

Fashion trends in leather harnesses for women

You can create a sexy look with the help of a basic wardrobe if you add an exclusive accessory to it. Check out ObsessHarness's bold collection of sexy new looks. Every fashionista will be able to find additions to her wardrobe with leather harnesses for women of the highest quality. You will be able to choose an exclusive product to adorn each part of the body and emphasise the advantages of the figure. Such accessories will help to give beautiful curves and make the necessary accents.

Accessories such as luxury lingerie leather are perfectly combined with clothes of different styles and trends and with nylon bodysuits and without them. You can combine different leather elements with each other.

Products from ObsessHarness give not only aesthetic pleasure but also provide an opportunity to experience the incredible pleasure of comfortable lingerie.

For any taste and colour

You can add spice and emphasise the curves of your body, giving femininity and charm with the help of the new 2022.

    The most popular trends in leather women's harness lingerie are:
  • Legs garters belts;
  • All types of accessories: collars, cuffs, kitty leather masks;
  • Bras and bra harnesses.

Professional craftsmen of the famous brand ObsessHarness manually create the highest quality harnesses for women with special attention to every detail and element. The edges of the harness belts and necklaces, and legs garter are processed using a special technology so that they do not scratch or injure the delicate female skin, creating maximum comfort during use.

Metal fittings on the harness legs garters and necklaces are made of hypoallergenic materials, do not oxidise and retain their original appearance for a long time. Contains no harmful substances. The fittings are available in gold and silver.

ObsessHarness brand offers a wide range of colour palettes for natural belts and patent leather, allowing you to match your skin tone with leather lingerie to match your skin tone. You will feel desired and irresistible. The most popular body harness woman colours in 2022 are strictly black, seductive burgundy and passionate red. However, there are a lot of lovers of other shades and colours presented in the catalogue by the company's designers: golden yellow, sea wave, emerald green.

How to make a fantasy come true

We work for you all over the world. Our harness women's accessories are designed according to the latest global trends. Our managers will help you choose and place an order. The store has a convenient exchange and returns policy. If the product does not suit you in size, you can return it within the specified period of time in the rules of the store. We also care about the privacy of our clients and do not share any private information of buyers with anyone.

You will receive the sexiest outfit within the specified time frame for the desired event. Production time is 5-7 days depending on the product. And the delivery time is 3-5 days.

Spice up your look with ObsessHarness!