Believe it or not, a hybrid workplace setup has done the unthinkable for both employers and employees. Because, for the first time ever in human history, a person does not have to move to seize better work opportunities.

Hybrid workplace setups ensure that newer opportunities are available to a larger cross-section of people. This gives employees increased work opportunities and provides employers access to talent worldwide.

Likewise, employers have also realised the fact that the happiness of their employees goes hand in hand with their productivity. If an organisation takes care of its well-being, the employees are inclined to work hard.

As bedrooms replace meeting rooms, organisations are also saving up a lot of money by using their space efficiently.

It's not just a growing trend that is transforming traditional offices but also empowering people with the flexibility of working both in and out of the office.

As a result, organisations are doing their best to transform themselves and adopt the hybrid work model. And as they become hybrid, it's only obvious that they will require more flexible meeting spaces. Moreover, organisations also need to ensure that they have rooms that can be repurposed for different uses, so they do not remain unutilised.

Tools like the meeting room booking solution helps simplify the space booking process and eliminate the guesswork of scheduling, rescheduling, and cancelling meeting rooms.

But What Exactly Is A Meeting Room Booking Solution?

A meeting room booking solution helps to find and book conference rooms, manage work schedules, and check amenities. Some meeting room booking solutions can also automate the sanitisation process.

As mentioned above, meeting room booking solutions are meant to simplify the booking process and eliminate all the unnecessary guesswork. Furthermore, with the help of meeting room booking solutions, organisations can keep a check on the utilisation of rooms.

Five Signs That You Need A Meeting Room Booking Solution:

1. You are unable to find sanitised rooms with adequate resources

Organising a meeting room requires more than just a space to sit and have discussions. And because of covid, every organisation has to ensure that they are at least offering a cleaned and sanitised work environment to their employees.

Moreover, employees also need additional equipment like a projector, notepads, and refreshments. A meeting room booking solution eliminates all of these issues as it offers you to book resources in the same transaction and can also automate the sanitisation process beforehand.

2. The booked meeting spaces go underutilised and external rooms are used for internal meetings.

Already booked meeting spaces often go underutilised, which can cost a lot to the organisation in the long run. To avoid such an expense, organisations can opt for a meeting room booking solution as it has the ability to notify attendees regarding any abrupt changes in the time or venue. Moreover, it can also detect if meeting space is not being used as per the filled-in details. And if that is the case, it will release it back to availability.

Additionally, some employees find it tricky to set up a meeting as the process might seem exhausting. For them, the easy way out is simply booking a room at an external place.

3. Your company members do not prefer to use video conference facilities.

Sadly, video conference facilities consist of a lot of no-shows, which is the most concerning factor for a lot of employees. Think about it, how many times did you wait for colleagues who never showed up? Or how many times you've missed an important meeting because no one told you that the time has changed? It can get quite challenging at times.

Moreover, it seems too much trouble for some people to even set up a video conference. While it saves ample time, employees do not see any other significant advantage.

For this reason, easy-to-use meeting scheduling technology is exceptionally crucial, which is precisely what a meeting room booking solution offers. It makes it easy to communicate instructions and changes to everyone who is involved and can also help the team keep a check.

So, a meeting room booking solution can seamlessly eradicate all of the issues mentioned above.

4. Booked meeting rooms often get too small

Amidst social distancing, scheduling a meeting room that is too small can become a huge concern as you wouldn't want people feeling uncomfortable throughout the meeting. It means that there would be no place for members who arrive late, but it also leads to the transmission of the virus.

Therefore, maintaining social distancing protocols for meeting rooms is of utmost importance, especially now more than ever. However, when one uses a meeting room booking solution, it limits the capacity, which makes the overall process easier.

5. Your employees waste a lot of their time and energy trying to find a place to work and collaborate.

Nobody can deny the fact that working from home has given the employees a great advantage as they can balance their work life and personal life effectively. It also makes them feel that they are in control of their work schedules, which helps them become more productive.

However, their productivity takes a toll when they have to struggle to quickly find a suitable space to work or meet their colleagues. Hence, finding an accommodating meeting room becomes frustrating, and their productivity and job satisfaction diminishes drastically. This is where the meeting room booking solution saves the day.

The software allows them to locate and book their meeting space through online reservations. It also saves them from the issues of double-booked rooms, cancelled meetings, and miscommunicated meeting locations. Consequently, employees can be more productive during their working hours with less time wasted.

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