Vinyl and Mesh Banners
Despite new advertising channels coming up, banners remain an effective marketing tool that is a low-cost marketing option suited for different promotional events. Banners provide essential safety and security by restricting access to potentially hazardous areas, construction site fence banners ensure the well-being of workers and the public while safeguarding valuable equipment and material

However, not all banner types deliver the best marketing results. The two leading performers are vinyl and mesh banners based on their functionality, ease of customization, and durability. This post elaborates on the difference between the two to help you make an informed purchase.

What are Vinyl Banners?

Vinyl banners are among the high-quality banners available today. These eye-catching banners are made from polyester mesh scrim, a robust material that makes them suitable for long-term use. Besides being durable, vinyl banners have different shapes and sizes; see affordable vinyl banners here.


Vinyl banners are considered the best for business and marketing because:

Easy Installation

Vinyl banners are one of the easy-to-install banners available today. These banners have eyelets that easily insert and enclose onto the fabric. The package also comes with a free installation guide.


Vinyl banners have two usable sides, suitable for different promotional requirements. For example, you could advertise a product on one side while, on the other, insert your business address and contact information.


The retractable nature of vinyl banners makes them ideal for indoor or outdoor settings. For example, you could use a vinyl banner as a billboard and later transform it into signage for an upcoming trade show.

Eye-Catching Ink finish

Vinyl banners have gloss and matte finishing options that make them more luxurious and beautiful, an attractive option for advertising short, time-sensitive projects.


Using this banner has some disadvantages, including:

Easily Torn in Windy Conditions.

Vinyl banners are made from polyester mesh scrim, an opaque material. ; This means when vinyl banner type is elevated, and the wind strengthens, they’re more likely to wear out faster.

Wrinkle Fast if not Handled Well.

Vinyl is elegant but has delicate material such that when exposed to direct sunlight for long hours, it causes the material to wear out and crease.