Instagram is rapidly rushing towards claiming the record as the most popular social network in the world. It is also increasingly becoming the best avenue for companies, brands, and influencers to build businesses and increase global reach.

Research has shown that engagement on Instagram is over 50% more than on Facebook, effectively making it one of the best platforms to keep in touch with your fans. Getting dedicated followership is one of the most coveted skills here. So, how do you grow your Instagram exposure consistently? Below are a few tips to get you on the right track.

1. Socialise

That sounds like a no-brainer. While it should be, it rarely is. Most social media users seem to overlook the fact that these platforms are precisely that – social media. It does not make sense to not socialize on a social media site.

Instagram thrives on engagement; the more you engage those you follow or support, the more visible you will be. Socializing with other users also increases the chances of these other users sharing their content with their audiences.

Additionally, as you engage other users, their followers who are not part of your fan base are bound to see you. If your content, comments, and engagement are informative or entertaining, more people will want to hear from you, and thus your followers will grow organically.

2. Like Niche Photos

Some of the most popular Instagram accounts are owned by dedicated people who take the time to like photos in their niche, thus making them visible to the right audience. While some brands might have mind-boggling marketing budgets, as an influencer or small business, your budget might be much lower or non-existent. 

This strategy works wonders by helping users to discover you or your brand. However, do not be spammy. Instead, be authentic and genuine. Find users in your niche using hashtags or viewing followers of your favorite Instagram accounts, like those photos that resonate with you, and leave a comment.

3. Create a Unique Hashtag

Another simple strategy to grow Instagram following is using hashtags. Popular brands know the power of hashtags, and Instagram’s algorithms also seem to favor this. While there are hundreds, possibly thousands of Instagram hashtags already, you can go further by creating one that is unique to your brand.

The first step is to ensure the hashtag is not already used and suited for a specific purpose. When you create one, encourage people to use it and repost whatever they attach to your hashtag, but remember to give them credit.

Ultimately, your followers feel appreciated when you repost their content, and you also get more content for your own account.

4. Leverage Instagram stories to your advantage

More and more users are navigating towards video content on every social media, from Facebook to LinkedIn and now Instagram. Instagram realized this and made Instagram stories part of their offering, allowing users to share video content with the community.

Many users have even reported that they prefer watching stories to scrolling down their feeds. With these stories, you can increase engagement by asking questions or seeking opinions, sharing exciting videos, and creating creative ideas.

With more than 400 million daily Instagram story viewers, this is one avenue that should be prioritized.

5. Link your Instagram Account to Your Other Social Accounts

Instagram is just now becoming increasingly popular. But Facebook, YouTube, and even LinkedIn have existed longer. While Instagram has topped this as the home of branding, the other social media platforms may be where your clientele knows you and have interacted with you longer. By linking your Instagram account to these different platforms, including a blog or website if you have one, you will grow your Instagram followers by urging your contacts to follow you on Instagram as well.

Of course, strategizing before you implement the tips above will give you an even better chance of growing your following faster. Still, this list needs to be completed.