In the world of aesthetics, 2023 trends include applications where different aesthetic applications are made together with technology. It is thought that many applications such as breast prosthesis, eye contour aesthetics, lip filling and maternity aesthetics will be in demand in 2022. Each aesthetic application made for different purposes attracts attention with the frequency of demand.

Studies show that maternity aesthetics has always been at the forefront, and postpartum women benefit from the operations known as maternity aesthetics. Here are the 2022 trends in the world of aesthetics by Milano Clinic!

Breast Prosthesis Replacement Operations

Breast prosthesis replacement operations are among the 2023 aesthetic trends. The production of advanced breast prostheses increases the interest in breast prosthesis replacement operations.

As it is known, breast augmentation aesthetics is one of the most frequently done aesthetic applications. In addition, many people who have recently gotten breast augmentation aesthetics want to replace their old breast prostheses with new generation prostheses.

Breast prosthesis replacement applications are the replacement of old generation breast prostheses with new prostheses within certain process steps. Fat removal can be done from place to place within the scope of breast prosthesis replacement application. The fats taken can be injected into the breast area and a fuller breast structure can be achieved.

Eye Contour Aesthetics

Another application that is among the 2022 aesthetic trends is the aesthetics around the eyes. Recently, because many people want the eye area to stand out, eye contour aesthetics is also among the trend applications. Wrinkles, swelling and oedema around the eyes can be corrected with eye contour aesthetics.

As it is known, the eye area is one of the most striking areas in the face. For this reason, the problems around the eyes can be solved within specific process steps. Wrinkles around the eyes can make a face look older and tired. Since this situation can cause psychological problems, eye contour aesthetics is thought to be one of the most preferred applications in 2023.

Lip filler

Lip augmentation, made to shape the lip structure, gives the lips a voluminous appearance. In lip augmentation, made within various process steps, dermal filler is injected into the inner part of the lips. There are different types of fillings in lip augmentation. It is possible to list the types of lip augmentation in general as follows:
  • Hera Type Lip Filling
  • Aphrodite Lip Filling
  • Venus Type Lip Filling
  • Eros Type Lip Filling
It is known that each lip filler is made for different purposes. With ageing, lip sagging may occur. In addition, symmetry problems can be seen on the lips or a voluminous form may occur on the lips.

Each of these issues makes lip augmentation applications stand out. For this reason, there is an intense interest in lip fillings in general. You can visit Milano Klinik for more detailed information about aesthetic operations.

Maternity Aesthetics

Postpartum deformations can cause many women to feel bad. Women can reach their prenatal body structure with maternity aesthetics. For this reason, it is known that maternity aesthetics is one of the aesthetic applications always in the foreground.

Deformations in women's bodies are determined before the procedure. Abdominoplasty is ideal for women with stretch marks in the abdomen. In addition, regional liposuction can be performed in women with excess fat. A breast lift and breast augmentation are recommended for women with sagging breasts.

Each of the mentioned operations is included in maternity aesthetics. With the functions made within certain steps, women who give birth can reach their prenatal bodies. For this reason, it is possible to say that maternity aesthetics is among the 2023 aesthetic trends.

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