If you are struggling with your search volume and you currently have none or very little, there are some ways that can help you improve it as quickly as possible. Whether you’re a small business or large company, search volume is always going to be important so make sure you are reviewing it. Here are some top tips on increasing your search volume that can be applied to every industry…

Make sure you have a brand name that stands out
Having a brand name that stands out and can’t be forgotten will gain you more search volume, for example, Megapleasure is a clear brand name. You also have a good idea of what they sell and they’re only using two words, keep it short and simple. Sometimes you don’t have much search volume as people aren’t looking for your specific product or service, you can change this by adding more appropriate keywords on your web pages or words that have a slight connection to your products.

Make sure you have keywords optimised on all your pages
You will need to make sure every page on your website has keywords optimised and a title tag and meta descriptions that include keywords. This will make your target audience more likely to click on your site and have a browse. Your website will also appear higher up in Google search if you have your keywords consistently present throughout your web pages.

Guest blogging opportunities should be a focus
Make sure you are writing guest blogs with a link back to your website and making a conscious effort to get them published on well-established websites. You will need to make sure you only target big websites that are legit and reliable, it could backfire on your company if not so popular websites link to yours. Some businesses have a PR team to take care of this, so they can spend lots of time forming relationships with journalists within the media. This might be something you can consider as it could have a huge impact on your search volume, no matter what industry you work in. Links are important!

Take a look at your competition
There is no harm in having a look at what your competitors are doing on their websites to see if they are doing something you aren’t. Maybe they’re selling more products than you and this could be down to their search volume being more successful, as a result of keywords, a better name, or guest posts across many websites.

Use links on your social media profiles
If you’re selling products, for example, you can tag what you’re advertising on your Instagram posts so your audience simply has to click to be guided to your website. This isn’t by searching but it does mean they will know what to search for if they want to come back to your website at a later date. The trick is to get them familiar with your brand name and web address so they will search in Google for it.

Now that you know how to improve your search volume, what are you waiting for? If you take all of our tips into consideration, you will likely up your search volume in no time. This will gain you new customers and hopefully clients as well. Good luck with improving your search volume and try to be as patient as possible as Google sometimes takes a while to show up any new changes.