The 21st century is about digitization and automation of most business and manufacturing processes. Construction is the market niche that is not lacking in new solutions, new-gen technologies, and innovations. All these changes promote the faster, simplified, and more accurate performance of many tasks.

For example, estimating can be undertaken remotely due to cloud data storage, e-spreadsheets, and other software. It means that all the core information for financial reports, risk management, accounting, and so on is available in electronic form. Bid estimating software makes communication between departments faster and enhances the workflow of the building company.

Top 3 Tips to Perform Estimating Remotely

But how to implement the e-environment when it comes to construction estimators? Follow three helpful recommendations to make all necessary transformations faster. This way you will get the opportunity to perform remote estimating and be an active market player even during the pandemic or while building several projects in different regions, countries but with a single economic and project planning department.

#1 - Cloud-Based Data Storage Is a Must

Most companies switched to cloud data storage long ago. But if you are among those building market players that still count on paper documentation only, it is high time to change your attitude to corporate document flows.

First, you get exceptional opportunities to share reports, estimates, and other data between departments. For example, your on-site leads sent the list of materials to order next month for new construction stages. This document is sent via email or other messengers immediately. And your financial department including estimators is ready to take into account new budget items.

#2 – Improved Communication Among Team Members

Remember that any software enhances communication quality in the company. Estimating and bidding together with other reports are formed faster and are 100% share-friendly. That is why the level of communication among team members improves this way. The single financial and management department can receive all the necessary reporting data entries timely and react immediately with new e-documentation:
  • Spreadsheets with the budget plan;
  • Analysis of the markets, risks, etc.;
  • Lists with material suppliers;
  • Databases with partners and customers.
Additionally, software and cloud-based storage are about the decreased risk of data loss. You can store all the reports, documents about completed projects in the cloud folders. Provide the access to those team members who require this information, and bidding together with estimating performance will be enhanced significantly while taking place remotely.

#3 - Workflows and Processes Should Be Clear

No software and digital transformations will solve your challenges related to remote workflows if they are poorly managed. All the processes should be clear for team members and well-thought by top managers of the building company. For example, each participant in the material supply chain has to understand all the instructions and requirements.

Give your team a clear idea of their roles and positions first. Then, you will be able to onboard estimators, accounting specialists, managers, and other experts to implement the bid estimating software and other digital solutions.

Final Word

Remember that remote work can also be free from miscommunication, duplications dropped, or poorly done tasks. You need not only modern software to transform your environments and improve all the corporate workflows. Also, you should switch to cloud data storage, train your team, and enhance all the routine processes of your construction company.

If this mechanism works properly, all innovations and improvements will bring you to a new level together with more profitable orders, better reputation, and successful bids you were asking for before. Estimating that takes place remotely is not something unreal. You can count on the high-grade performance of your estimators if you manage to cope with all the needful preparations and arrangements.