Hernias are one of the most irritating health problems you can develop. Once they become irritated or tear, they can cause day-to-day stresses and pains that will frustrate even the most content of people. Hernias are a complex problem that requires lots of attention, medical attention, and patience to help get through living with them. Thankfully, there are many great ways to both prevent hernias and help treat (and manage) existing ones. To keep you healthy and safe, here are ten ways to prevent hernias:

1. Exercising Regularly (and Carefully)

Regular exercise is essential for being a healthy, active individual. Regular exercise can also be fantastic for hernia health, as it keeps your body in better shape to deal with them. However, doing exercises that avoid too much pressure on your abdominal wall is key, so high-intensity, quick workouts are ill-advised. These types of workouts can also create conditions that can lead to a hernia forming, so be careful.

2. Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight

Overweight people have a much higher chance of developing a hernia. Getting regular exercise and eating fibre-rich foods will provide a great way to achieve this step. Treating a hernia, and avoiding gastrointestinal pressure is much easier when you’re at healthy body weight as well, so do not neglect this essential step to preventing a hernia.

3. Eating Fiber-Rich Food

Without enough fibre in your diet, you can become easily constipated. Constipation is one surefire way to severely bother your hernia, so you need to avoid the condition as much as you possibly can. Fibre-rich grains, vegetables, and nuts will help you keep your diet in a hernia-friendly state. Thankfully, they also tend to be absolutely delicious (and perfect for snacking). Natural remedies for digestive issues can also be an excellent strategy for dealing with hernias.

4. Regularly Check Your Prostate

Without semi-regular checkups on your prostate, you can find your hernia developing problems too late to treat them in an easy way. Additionally, enlarged prostrates can lead to hernia complications, so you’ll need medical attention to deal with the condition in a timely fashion. Prostate health is incredibly important, so you’ll be getting other important check-up details beyond just keeping your hernia under control.

5. Suppressing Coughs and Sneezes

If you’ve had a hernia before, you’ll know how painful it can be to sneeze or cough. Not only will this action make the hernia flare-up, but it can even cause ruptures and tears if the coughing or sneezing is intense enough. By using medication to help suppress these symptoms (ideally before they begin), you will keep yourself on a more smooth, quick path to getting your hernia under control.

6. Avoid Lifting Heavy Weights

Lifting heavy weights can put a massive strain on your body, and unless you are properly trained, the practice can be dangerous for your joint health. Heavyweights also put unneeded pressure on your abdominal muscles, which can hurt your hernia and make you regret over-extending yourself. When you do lift, do it responsibly, and always lift with your knees rather than your back.

7. Focus on Your Core Strength

Despite having to be careful with your exercising, and careful with weights, there are actually certain exercises that will be perfect for hernia sufferers. Core strength exercises will need to be done in moderation, but they will strengthen muscles and areas of the body that your hernia might consider developing in.

8. Stop Smoking (and Avoid Starting the Habit)

Smoking can be absolutely devastating to your hernia. Not only does it cause intense inflammation, but it will make tears more likely as well. Smoking also makes it harder to maintain healthy body weight, exercise, and avoid diabetes. Do your body a favour and stop smoking altogether if you’re currently addicted. You’ll add years to your lifespan and feel much, much better as well.

9. Keep Your Diabetes In Check

Diabetes increases the risks of hernias, and flare-ups can cause your diabetes symptoms to worsen. By taking care of your diabetes, you’ll be on a path to a much healthier, comfortable lifestyle. Thankfully, diabetes medication is more effective at controlling the condition than ever before.

10. Stay Up to Date With Doctor Recommendations

Your doctor knows best when it comes to preventing hernias, and treating any existing ones. By staying up to date with them, getting regular check-ups, and following their instructions to a tee, you’ll keep hernias under control, while avoiding situations where you begin developing one as well. However, if complications arise because of your care, or from a hernia mesh you’re using, you should look for legal representation with professionals who’re experienced with this complex situation, such as Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers.

Your Hernia is Manageable

It can be disheartening having a hernia, as it can be a source of constant irritation and frustration. Thankfully, with the right lifestyle choices and mindset, you can easily keep a hernia under control. And with the right luck, you can avoid developing a hernia altogether with these critical steps.