fabric design

There she walks by like a sweet summer dream. Her hair sheer grace; her smile divine; and then our eyes fall on her dress having that gone pleasing paisley. We say nothing but praise the lord. And then we look at our friends and say, "I want to see more of this dress." Such is the spell that a carefully designed fabric casts around. But the art of fabric design is not something that you get in a day. It requires proper fabric design training, Australian knowledge, and creativity. But what is fabric design, and how do you learn it?

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Fabric Design in the 21st century!

We, humans, have a tendency to look for beauty and create beauty around us. We love it when the sun sets on a soothing summer eve, and we love it more when it gets accompanied by a rainbow. And then sometimes we feel an urge to create more beauty around. And this urge and tendency to create beauty is what has led to fabric design.

We generally think of the modern world when we hear of fabric design. However, the history of fabric design dates back to at least 5000 BCE. The findings from Neolithic Culture have revealed that fabrics used to be designed even thousands of years back.

But now, in the 21st century, fabric design has leapt its limitations. We not only have the technology to create designed fabrics in bulk, but we have the technology to create complex designs. There is software to help people design and foresee the final product. We also have a sea full of elements to shape these designs. Take Gouache Paisleys, for example. People can now use software to create complex paisleys, unlike in earlier days. But it requires proper fabric design training (Australia) - Training that helps open up the brain's creative sections and harmonise them to work together and create that pretty paisley.
  • But is fabric design training necessary? How does it help a person learn fabric design more effectively?
  • Learning Fabric Design through Training vs self-learning!

What do we talk of when we talk of training in the field of fabric design?

Self-learning is a good thing; it must always be a person's basic nature. It helps a person grow to ceaseless possibilities. But then, training has its own spot. Self-learning works when a person already knows the fundamentals and is ready to explore the uncharted dimensions. But for this, one must know how to walk, talk, seek, scan, and create. This is where training comes helpful. When we talk of fabric design, it involves many dynamics that work together to create the final output. Here is a glimpse of the things involved -
  • Colour theory
  • patterns
  • space
  • line and geometry
  • colour and fashion psychology
  • texture
  • use of software to design patterns.
  • Different fabric design techniques like Gouache and Jacobean.
  • opportunities in the field of fabric design

These are all the few things involved in creating a fabric design and making those fabrics sit gracefully over people.

Fabric design training in Australia helps shape a person's mind to make it work the way a designer's brain should work. It helps a person know the very fundamentals of fabric design and how a person can make a graceful living through it. Furthermore, when we talk of modern fabric design, we talk of using different software to create complex patterns. Getting trained in fabric design helps a mind adapt to the designer's psychology and let it bloom in the world.

If you have plans to shape your career in the field of fabric design, then we strongly suggest you get proper fabric training in Australia. See more about fabric training and how it can help you earn immense value in life.