Business Pitch Deck
Businesses must try to make their pitch deck appealing. A business pitch deck is a way to an investor's heart. It's one of the best things for funding a startup.

Given below are the important key slides to include in a business pitch deck -

Business Model

A Business model is a representation of a company's overview. It displays the basics of how the business will generate, capture value, and deliver well. It's in economic, cultural, and other contexts.

Vision and Mission of The Organization

The business must present a good mission and vision of the organization. It should explain things like -
  • The value proposition of the business
  • Functionalities of the organization
  • Objectives of the organization
  • Management of the company
  • Product

The product slide is a must in a business pitch deck.

This slide must include pictures of the products from different angles. If the product is an application, service, online tool, include links and screenshots. Whether it's a product or service, highlight your business. It's important to let the investors know what you do and how you do it. This will appeal to them to invest in your business.

Market Size

It's an important factor for funding your startup. The market size determines the startup funding for your business. If the business is operating in a small market, investors might find a potential ROI. It's risky to find the right investor for your business. The market size slide helps you get the right potential investors. In this way, investors can see the growth opportunity in the market. Investors are very keen to know about the market size. They are also interested in your vision. The better your vision, the more the chances of investors investing in your business.


The major part of the business startup pitch deck is focussing on the problematic area. There should be one slide explaining the problems. It should cover the explanation regarding gaps in the business. It also provides the opportunity to present that a problem in the market exists.


The best way to inform investors about your competitors is with a pitch deck slide about competition. The slide should tell how you present yourself in front of the competitor. How do you compete? What are the tricks you go for? The side must convey the capital each competitor has raised so far. The market perspective should be known to the investors before they invest. It will help the businesses in negotiation. It’s good to proceed with the potential investors.

Team Support

This is probably one of the most important things that you must go for. The slide should present the unique team support. The accomplishments of the team and their contributions must be shown. The best way to show this is in a team slide by illustrating all the members of the team. The team should include the achievements of each member.


The financial projection is the estimation of the futural financial performance of a business. Working and forecasting the company’s financial performance is important. The milestones must be included in a business startup pitch deck. With the milestones listed properly, you’ll get many investors for your startup. Financial projections are a part of every business plan, that’s why it must be included in a business pitch deck.