Effective Link Building

As 2021 unfolds, effective link building remains crucial to increase traffic online. Last year, the whole world did not think about what was coming. From the distortion in financial projection to the sudden transition to the digital world, every business has to shift online. As the world stormed to the internet, there is a significant increase in the competition among businesses online. Every business strives to maintain its rankings on the search engine to ensure higher traffic, thus more leads. For that instance, they create quality content to rank in the search. However, creating quality content is not enough to rank your business on the tides of results.

Link building is one of the prime approaches to further pushing your content game and bringing traffic to your website. The process involves acquiring backlinks by connecting the hyperlink of your website with another website. The whole process aims at increasing the number of inbound links to increase web traffic. But how does it contribute to the ranking of your website? The search engines use crawler bots that crawl through the links of web pages on your website. If you link your webpage to a higher authority website, the crawler will rank your website among authoritative websites. Building quality links means more authority, thus nurturing an audience that will reach your website. Moreover, link building requires a proper strategy with skills, communication, and persistence to achieve maximum success. With that said, let's discuss six noob-friendly strategies that you can use for effective link building.

1. Content Link Building

One of the most fundamental ways for link building is by producing content. In this approach, you write content for authoritative websites to acquire relevant links. To promote your webpage, you can offer unique and creative content for the high authority website. In return, you will get links that cite back to your website. Sounds simple, right? Content link building requires persistence to create content as well as pitching to submit the content.

You will need to build a content library that is unique and engaging. This content should contain the pain points and solutions to the problems. Most marketers struggle to post on the sites that will accept the content. The process is undoubtedly a time-testing process, but it will surely pay in the long run. There are a few things that you should remember before going to build external content links. You must publish your content on websites that only accepts unique content. Never go for posting content on spammy sites, as it will hurt your website's ranking. Moreover, always post the content to relevant websites. Only this way crawlers can value your content to rank higher on the search engine.

2. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is another noob-friendly strategy for the link building process. As the name implies, you can comment on different authoritative blogs along with your website link to link back. Just like you share your opinions and thoughts on social media, linking your webpage to your comments is a great way to acquire ranking authority.

Besides social touch, adding blog commenting into your link building strategy can create various backlinking opportunities. These links provide targeted traffic to your website and add the value of authority to rank on the search engine. However, it is essential to note the factors of do-follow and no-follow links in the blog commenting. The value of the backlink identifies with these two factors. Do-follow is the link that adds the vote to tell the search engine to pass the authority. Meanwhile, the no-follow comes with a small code that tells the search engine crawler not to pass the authority. In this case, you will need to comment on those blogs that allow do-follow backlinks.

Consistency is the key to gathering as many links as possible. Some parts of the process may not bring direct value to your website, but it helps build your relationship with the bloggers. Regular commenting in a blog will help you get noticed by the bloggers and eventually ask you for the guest posts.

3. Contributing to Crowdsourced Posts

As a beginner, you should contribute to crowdsourcing posts for the link building of your website. As said earlier, link building is a continuous process that requires patience and time to see the results. You should always have time to contribute to crowdsourcing forums. These forums will involve various experts, and your job is to reach out to ask the questions. Moreover, you can easily get a link back to your websites through these posts that come with the added value signal of relevance from crawlers. In the process, crowdsourced posts can accept your links, which will help search engines to recognize your website.

4. Creating an RSS Feed

If you are too busy or lazy to add links to your website, how about you let others do it for you? You do not have to invest money or send emails to submit the blogs. Creating an RSS feed is a simple way to link building your website. Since most bloggers run their blogs on Content Management Systems, creating an RSS feed is easy. There are a lot of sites that scrape the content to publish on their blogs. You can benefit from these scrappers by adding internal links to your content. When these scraper sites publish the content on their website, they are adding backlinks for your websites.

5. Target Niche Specific Directories

Web directories are still on the rise in 2021. You can also submit links to the niche-specific directories relevant to your business. These directories can provide targeted and value-based organic traffic to your website. Moreover, the niche-specific factor adds "link juice" for your webpage to rank your site on the search engine. Furthermore, it is the most effective and beginner approach to building quality backlinks without investing money. Different businesses like Yelp and Bing Places allows submitting links for free. You can leverage this strategy for relevant organic traffic to your website.

6. Writing Testimonials

You can freely add do-follow links to the testimonials and still build links to your website. All you need to do is reach out to the company and let them know that you loved their product/service. You can ask them to submit your testimonial that they can submit on their website. While publishing the testimonial, ask them to submit the link, which will feature as a backlink.

Final Words

The key to the link building process is persistence and communication. Outreaching authoritative websites are indeed a time-consuming process. Still, it gives you the opportunities to build business relationships in the competitive online world. If you want to know more about how link building can help your website and your business, click here for more info https://linkflow.ai/white-hat-link-building/.