Senior announcements can be a fun part of the yearbook creation process. It’s a great opportunity for senior high school students to showcase their choice of announcement to the worlds they leave behind. Many take this opportunity to show their wise or joker sides one last time so their classmates can remember them as they were. Others prefer to include a generic message or famous quote and move on with their lives. Whichever side of this you fall on, the idea is to be true to yourself and enjoy the opportunity.

While there are infinite things you can include in your senior announcement, here are some ideas to get you started.


If you’re popular for being an overachiever or want to tell the world your goals and aspirations, you can make your senior announcement a biography. This is your chance to let the world know just exactly who you are and what you want to be in the future. You can include your favourite classes, memories, professional milestones, and a challenge you overcame with the help of your peers, for example. This is your spotlight, and you can shine it on whichever parts of your life you want.

Motivational Quotes

Moreover, you can use motivational quotes or famous saying by people you admire. This could be something one of your teachers told you that you have never forgotten or a catchphrase you use whenever things get tough. Maybe you have a favourite line that your friends or teachers know you by. Whichever words resonate with you, include them—as long as they’re not obscene or insulting, of course.


You can also make a personal dedication in your senior ad. For example, if you want to give a shoutout to your friend group or your favourite teachers, you can do so. Maybe you want to tell your sports team how great it was to be a part of the group—including your team’s victory quote. The idea here is to let someone else know that they were an important part of your school life and that they will be remembered in the years to come.

A Love Letter

Another idea for a senior ad is to write a love letter to your beau. If you’re the romantic type, why not let your love know how much they mean to you by etching your feelings in print. While many may steer clear of this option for fear of them splitting in the future, the love you have for each other at the moment is real, and that’s all that matters. So put on your Shakespearean cap and produce a love letter for the ages.

Answers to Fun Questions

If you have a fun spirit in your school, then answering fun questions in your senior ad could be a great idea. You can ask your friend group or the class itself to come up with questions so you can all answer at least one of them in your senior ad. This will bring many laughs and joy into your life as you grow older. Whenever you want to reminisce on your school days, you can always simply go through your yearbook and find a joke or two that will make your day.

A Family Letter

Finally, if you have a loving family and want to write you a heartfelt letter, this is the perfect opportunity to publish it. Your family wants the best for you, and what better way to express it than on your senior yearbook announcement. They can include their own words of wisdom for yourself and your class, and show the world just how special you are. Many times, it’s their words that will keep you going when you no longer live with them.

These ideas will help you get started on your own senior announcement.