A medical or doctors note template is a letter that you can give to your school or for official excuse when you are sick and cannot go to the required place in that case you need a written note from any doctor that they have checked and examined you and you are really suffering from the illness you have excused for. A doctors note template is very important as people also fake their illnesses to get a day or more off from the work or any other kind of commitments. A doctor note is highly accepted and recognised everywhere if you are really ill and need days off. 

Things that should be included in a doctor or medical note template :


The medical note templates should in first include a title that about the illness or the leave reason and for whom the leave will be concerned this all should be written in a doctors note template.

Doctors details

The details of the doctor or his medical institute address should be mentioned on the medical note template so that it looks and is authentic and can be further verified.

Date of visit

The date should be mentioned as it will tell the concerned person that when you have visited the doctor for a checkup and when he has advised you to take rest and leave from the work or other commitments.

Patient information

It's very important to mention the person's name and his address and his details so that school/ or workplace can easily verify that it's really the concerned person, not someone else’s medical note template.

Condition Statement

This is the key part of the medical note template which tells that the person is suffering from this specific illness and the ailment is tested and verified and shall be granted leave.

Days he shall remain on leave

It's also very much important part because it highlights the number of days that a person shall be granted leave for. The time frame he needed to recover.


At last the doctor should sign the medical note template so that its authentic and can be verified if required.

The signature is very important as it tells that in reality the person has signed the doctor's note template and it can be tested later on if needed to be verified.

You can convince your doctor by showing him the reports or the tests performed that shows you are really ill and you can also ask him to verify it by doing tests under his supervision to confirm that you are in real suffering from the mentioned illness and shall be granted leave on that basis. 

It's very important because people mostly nowadays fake their illnesses just for getting easy relief from commitments so the doctors are now being more strict towards the medical note templates and they now ask for more authentication before they give you the doctor’s note template. So you should be saying the truth and tell the doctor all the details correctly should not tell any irrelevant and fake information in order to convince the doctor so he shall write you the excuse note or medical note template.