Lilly Pilly Resilience

As a wonderful fast-growing screening alternative, Lilly pilly is taking the world by storm. Lillypilly 'Select' is similar, but with a bigger, more glossy leaf. This cultivar has been carefully selected to be resistant to psyllid pests and other genus-wide problems. Buy Lilly pilly resilience benefits from repeated clipping to build a thick "brick wall" hedging and screening Australia. It can also be let to develop into a little conical tree if left unclipped. Also works well as a topiary plant.


  • Gardening in a formal setting
  • Topiary
  • Hedging
  • Gardening in Japan
  • Screening


  • Glossy leaves
  • New bronze growth
  • White blossoms with a fluffy texture
  • Pink fruit with a pleasant aroma
  • If adequately cared for, it will keep the leaves at ground level.
  • Lillypilly ‘Straight and Narrow’
Straight and Narrow is a novel Lillypilly cultivar that grows tall and narrow in comparison to other Lillypillies. Because it has the same size and growth behaviour as Syzygium 'Pinnacle,' but is resistant to the psyllid insects that cause blistering and deformation, this variety is considered a substitute. It has a similar appearance to Pinnacle, except the foliage has a little blue tint to it.

Straight & Narrow is much like any other Lilly pilly in terms of growth. For optimal growth, plant in well-drained soil in full sun, then feed and water on a regular basis. This type, like other Lilly pilly, requires to be pruned on a regular basis to keep its thick growth. Lillypillies develop into a small tree if not clipped, with little foliage at the bottom and relatively thick foliage above.

This plant should be given full light to avoid thinning and weakening. Straight and Narrow will be nearly pest-free if cultivated in ideal conditions. Aphids and mealybugs may damage the plant on occasion.

Brazilian Red Cloak

Brazilian Red Cloak is a beautiful and adaptable plant that can be used as a screen or background plant in full sun or partial shade. Its huge mid-green leaves give it a tropical look and feel all year. With minimum trimming, it grows neatly and produces a thick screen.

Although it grows tall, the herbaceous nature of the plant makes it easier to control its growth. Brazilian Red Cloak grows quickly, so trim it as much as you like! Its red blooms bloom irregularly throughout the year, but mostly from late summer to early October.

This plant thrives in low-light situations, making it one of the greatest screening alternatives for a shady site. In fact, some people like it in the shadow since the leaves turn a darker shade of green. Because the growth is considered too coarse, it is unsuitable for topiary.

Lillypilly ‘Baby Boomer'

'Baby Boomer' is a tiny, hardy cultivar that works well as a border plant, a low hedge, or a foreground or mid-ground plant in the landscape. This type, which grows to barely 1.5m in height, is commonly planted in rows and shaped into a small hedge. It can, however, be employed in a less formal setting. Treat it like a little shrub and place it in a mixed garden with other plants. Also works well as a topiary in Japanese and English gardens.

Conclusion:- The speed at which these plants develop is mostly determined by the species you pick. It's entirely up to you whether you want a plant that isn't too tall or one that is, because you may now select one depending on your preferences.