A pharmaceutical distributor is a significant partner in the health industry. They’re the bridge between drug manufacturers and pharmacies, including patients. With them playing such a critical role, choosing the right supplier for your products is essential. A wrong distributor might reduce your sales and even put you out of business. Although, you don’t have to worry as this article will steer you in the right direction as you make your selection. Hence, you could consider the following tips.

1. Ensure Accreditation

A pharmaceutical distributor should have the relevant documentation that allows them to conduct the said business.

Check to see the kind of permit they have since they’re different. Their accreditation should align with the type of work you want to assign to them. They might be limited to only distributing with a specific line of goods whereas you manufacture another type. This might lead to legal issues in the future that might hinder your operations. Hence, click to see the products often distributed by pharmaceutical distributors.

If they’re certified, identify the regulating body and confirm the license issued. Confirming accreditation prevents a case of hiring a distributor who illegally acquired their license.

2. Gauge Their Prices

To reduce costs, most businesses tend to select their suppliers solely based on their prices. This shouldn’t be the case, and you shouldn’t fall into the same trap.

Even as you consider their upfront costs, it’s essential to consider profits, which is the main aim of any business. This doesn’t mean that the prices of their services should come second. Just ensure that the quoted price is reasonable and cost-efficient in terms of the quality of their service. It shouldn’t be at either extreme, not too high or too low. To help you make informed decisions, compare the prices with those of other distributors.

3. Look At Their Reputation

Before getting into business with any distributor, it’s essential to seek third-party opinions about its services and delivery. This is so because you can’t solely rely on their word of mouth.

Carry out online research and look for reviews left by their previous and current clients. Ask around from companies in the same industry as you of their preferred pharmaceutical distributors.

Aside from reviews, consider checking to see if there are any scandals associated with the said company, whether recent or past. This gives you an overview of the kind of distributor you’re getting into business with, allowing you to be cautious from the beginning.

4. Check The Level Of Their Experience

Experience is a critical factor to consider. An experienced pharmaceutical distributor is aware of all the governing laws surrounding medicine supply. They’ll also update themselves on any new ones since they’re aware of the consequences of not adhering to any given regulation.

Also, a distributor who’s been in business for a while already has the necessary resources required for smooth transportation and dispensation of your products. They’ll have a fleet of vehicles and storage facilities to ensure products are stored and carried in the required temperatures.

Experienced distributors will know what’s expected of them during transit and how to deal with arising issues. This also includes who to contact when problems don’t get resolved. All these can’t be said about a distributor who’s only been in business for a few months. As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, you don’t have to worry about your products with an experienced distributor.

5. Assess Their Reliability

To create a professional relationship with your supplier, you need to depend on them to deliver your pharmaceutical products efficiently. One way of assessing their reliability is by analyzing their problem-solving skills.

During an emergency or change of plan, how quickly do they react to counter the issue at hand and still deliver your goods as expected? Must they contact you for a solution in crisis, or will they first handle the problem then contact you later? You should seek a pharmaceutical distributor who’s able to think on their own two feet and solve issues as soon they arise to the best of their ability. Reliability also entails timely delivery of your goods. Delays in the delivery of your products might affect the end-user of your goods, which isn’t desirable.

6. Know The Extent Of Their Transparency

You must be able to trust your pharmaceutical distributor. This is because they’re in direct contact with your products as patients rely on your products, and you’re putting your business on the line by doing so.

You need to trust that they’ll not steal your products and re-sell them at a lower price for personal gains. They shouldn’t interfere with the quality of your products or create counterfeits that they’ll use to distribute illegal substances under your company brand. Such activities could damage your company brand.

As part of transparency, your chosen pharmaceutical distributor should freely communicate with you and update you on all things. This includes the good or bad news they encounter when distributing your products.


The above tips are what you need to consider when choosing a pharmaceutical distributor for your products. You’ll never go wrong in the selection process by following the above tips.