The quest to get the blue tick beside your name on Instagram can be tough. But with the prestige and authority that comes with it, most people will be willing to get through that process. Several trials can make getting verified frustrating, leading to delegating the task to an Instagram verification service. The process of employing a verification service is surprisingly easy. But there are a few things you should watch out for before signing up with a social media agency and contracting them to get your Instagram verified.

We will take you through steps you should take before consulting a social media agency for an Instagram verification service. Let’s get started!

Do You Really Need to Be Verified?

Like most good things in life that portray a symbol of status, notability and credibility, the verification badge is highly desirable, but do you really need it? If you’re a brand that has audiences in the digital space, then this may be a worthwhile investment. If you have customers that are potentially going to find you on social media, or if your customers are likely to give your socials a check before going through with a sale, then verification would make a lot of sense for you.

For individuals, if you’re someone who wants to maintain a solid digital identity, then this would make sense for you too. Be it for your career or networking opportunities, a verified checkmark will mean that people take you more seriously on Instagram. For networkers, a verified checkmark means more replies to DMs that you send you. More partnerships and more opportunities!

In all, a good place would be to weigh the benefits that a verified badge would bring to you. Whether you’re an artist, a marketer or a business, or anything in between, a verified badge can do a lot of good for your digital presence.

If nothing, a badge may just be a status symbol. I mean, after all, why do people splurge on unique license number plates? It doesn’t really hold any real-life value, but it does hold well as a status symbol.

Do You Have Existing PR?

Before your go ahead with a social media agency for your verification, the first thing you must understand is that verification solely depends on PR or your web presence. A social media agency would typically build up 10-12 articles about you on notable and reliable online news sites, and then go to get you verified. In a case where you already have the PR but are unable to get verified via in-app, they can offer you a direct submission, wherein they raise an internal request for verification on your behalf with their contact at Instagram.

The key point here is to choose an agency that can do both. First, they can do the PR if required. And second, they can do the submission as well. Such agencies would be able to provide you with a full package with a guarantee. Meaning, they’ll do the PR and verify your Instagram with a guarantee.

Never ever go with a PR agency that simply does PR for you and tells you to figure out a submission on your own. More often than not, they would sell you PR that is not considered ‘notable’ or ‘reliable’ by Instagram. And you’d be down a couple thousand of dollars and you’d have worthless PR.

Have You Tried the In-App Application?

One of the first things you must do before going with an Instagram verification service is to first apply in-app. Remember, the submission with an in-app form is completely free of charge. So, it wouldn’t hurt to first try and see your luck with the self-submission.

Only go for an agency if and only if you have been rejected by the app. Don’t worry, even though the app tells you that you can ‘apply again after 30 days, the social media agencies can bypass this limitation.

Always opt for a Guarantee

No matter what, when choosing an agency, go for a guarantee. A guaranteed service may be priced higher but, it ensures you get the end result you are after. If you have an agency that sells you ‘articles’ for verification without the guarantee of verification, then run away as far as you can from them.

Go for agencies that can do the PR and get you verified within a package. And, ensure their terms state that, if they fail to verify your Instagram as an end result of the service, they will provide you with a full refund.

Final Thoughts

Prior knowledge is often crucial before delegating certain responsibilities. There could be a lot of pressure to get the verification badge as soon as possible. But, always be sure to check for the above points when going for an Instagram verification service to ensure that you get the results that you are after!