Festivals are a significant part of Canadian culture. Canadians tend to only acknowledge highlights of the season, such as Christmas, New Year's Eve, and Mardi Gras, but there is so much more to each season on the calendar. Festivals like Oktoberfest in Munich and Fête des Lumieres in Lyon are a great chance to get out and explore other festivals they might never hear about otherwise. The world is a whole of strange, unusual, and unique festivals with their traditions, rules, and cultures.

Nowadays, there are so many festivals that it takes a lot of work to keep track. This article will give you some of Canada's top festivals. Parties, music, and fun are the top three things that most people associate with the craziness of festivals. But with over 500 festivals happening in Canada, managing just one before you know it takes time. Fortunately, a new generation of technology may soon make this process easier for Canada's 8.2 million festival-goers!

Festivals in Canada

Three main festivals are celebrated in Canada, as well as many minor national holidays. The three main celebrations include St.Jean Baptiste in Quebec, the Christmas Day parade that ends in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the Carifesta Renaissance festival hosted in Calgary, Alberta. Any Canadian would be happy to know that many of our provinces and territories have had a long-standing history with festivals. The first Canadian winter festival was held in New Brunswick in the late 1800s, where celebrations were based around the ice, cold temperatures, and traditional games. As Canada's railway system became powerful, it brought people closer together during festive periods like Christmas. The Caribana festival eventually helped shape Canada into who we are today.


Every year, Kitchener-Waterloo celebrates the festival of Oktoberfest in September and October by migrating to tents formerly used for church fairs. Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival organized in Kitchener-Waterloo, where you'll find oompah bands, steins of beer, and copious amounts of food. It is the biggest beer festival in the Southern Hemisphere. To buy Oktoberfest tickets, you'll first need to go to the website for this event. Once there, you may utilize filters on the left side of the screen that allow you to search for tickets based on the ticket type, including single-day and weekend passes, VIP packages, and more.

What to expect at the festival

Festivals are a common topic of conversation in Canada. They make the country come alive and offer chances for people to get out of their regular routines, connect with nature, share experiences with friends, and have fun. If you're curious about Canadian festivals, it's best to read an article that goes over everything you need to know before planning your trip! Canada is a country of festivals, so there are many festivals to experience in your lifetime. Whether it be the Canadian Music Fest or Canadian Iceberg Polar Bear Mud (yes, there's a festival dedicated to that), get ready to blast at these vegan festivals!

Where can one find more information about festivals?

One can find all information about festivals in Canada at the National Parks Canada website. Not only does it have sector-specific details, but it also provides many valuable links that one can click through to find additional information. Festivals can be found almost everywhere in Canadian cities. There are clearly marked festivals and events that are big enough to occupy people for several days. Vancouver has many cultural festivals, such as the opening celebrations for the Olympics (2010), Festival de la Cultura de Vancouver, the Jewish celebration of Chanukah, and many more. Jacksonville goes through all three winter months with mixed Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and more! The end of September brings up America's favorite fall festivals, including Oktoberfest in Downtown Ottawa and Montreal's colossal street festival, Fête des Lumières.


So, this is all about summarizing everything. I hope this helps you with everything you ask me that needs to be added to the list. As festivals occur early in Canada, this is a good way for you to bring in more money during the winter season. Consider holding a fest hosted by you at your friend's house. Indeed, festivals are challenging. However, if you're easygoing and have enough patience, you'll make better friends in the long run!