More Customers To Your Pub

Regardless of whether you’re running a tavern, lounge, bar or nightclub, your establishment is a place.

Regardless of whether you’re running a tavern, lounge, bar, or nightclub, your establishment is a place where individuals can get together to drink, dance, socialize and even meet a new love interest. Unfortunately, small business owners in the hospitality industry have to compete with swanky raves, restaurants, hotel lounges, and pop-up nightclubs. If you want to attract, involve, and keep customers, there are many ways. Change your advertising strategy and nightclub promotions for your bar through social media, mobile marketing, and other digital advancements.

Emphasizing your audience

Thriving pubs make their living on returning customers. Therefore, your promotions must be lucrative to your central customers and newcomers who admire the type of operation you are managing. Hospitality is an industry based on service, but owners often emphasize individuals out of their league. If you’re running a neighbourhood bar, it is unlikely that it would appeal to multi-million entrepreneurs unless they have some sort of sentimental connexion to the place. Also, local mine workers, for example, are not likely to react to exclusive promotions introducing top-shelf, pricey liquors with unusual ingredients. It is essential to know your target crowds and focus your marketing strategies appropriately.

Defining your ambitions

When you’re thinking about promotions, it can’t be approached in half measure. You need to set quantifiable goals to make bar promotions advantageous. Decide on what you’re looking to achieve. It can be any of the following:
  • Creating interest among individuals of targeted groups, i.e. club kids, neighbourhood sports fans, corporates, hipsters etc.
  • Improving on whatever your competition is doing.
  • Getting customers to arrive earlier and stay later.
  • Getting customers to spend more money on branded spirits and food.
  • Celebrating special occasions and milestones at your place.
  • Cultivating a convivial and lively atmosphere.
  • Introducing new entertainment options like hiring gaming machines, i.e., fruit machines from a fruit machine supplier or coin-operated pool tables.
  • Giving customers the prospect of giving back to the community.
  • Introducing new dishes and drinks to the menu.

Once you’ve outlined your goals, you are ready to start reviewing marketing strategies based on the goals you're aiming to fulfil while keeping them affordable and manageable.

Bar games and social media are valuable tools.

Video games charm significant followings, and you can consider hosting tournaments to capitalize on this craze.
Other bar games and social media options that can attract customers are:
  • Traditional tournaments like darts, pinball, board games and pool.
  • Presenting quizzes, bingo or karaoke nights
  • Poker evenings
  • Dancing contests
  • Dress-up parties for particular dates, i.e. Halloween.


The main aim is to establish an exclusive identity and offer the kind of promotions that will resonate with your central customers. You can change certain things to your favour without adapting simple lures that entice people to return to bars for good times, celebrations, and companionship. Once you’ve established your unique identity and determined the recipe to success about what works best in attracting customers to your place, you’ll be smiling all the way to the bank.