Living on the Coast
Most people share a similar vision when it comes to choosing their dream home. Almost all of us are absolutely in love with the idea of living at the beach – hearing the waves crashing as we fall asleep and waking up to the sights and sounds of beach life.

The trend of moving to the coast has inspired so many city dwellers to exchange their urban metros for a calmer beach oasis. If you are considering moving to the beach, this article is just for you! Below are five tips that you simply must know about living there.

Prepare For the Weather

The weather on the coastline is wildly different to the weather inland. Often living on the coastline means that the winds are higher, and it is more humid. One of the best upsides to living near the beach is that the temperatures are much cooler than they are inland.

You need to prepare for winds and rains during the rainy seasons and protect your home from the effects of extreme weather events.

Tourist Season Can Be Annoying

Tourist season is inevitable for most coastal towns. Understandably, people are drawn to the allure of the beach and the sand and waves call to them. You know this call well because you don’t just visit once a year, you live there because of your personality.

Tourist season does change things for you when you live there, so expect to spend longer in traffic and struggle to find a parking space. Luckily, during the winter, beach life is much quieter.

Salt Ruins Things

The negative ions in the sea air improve your ability to absorb oxygen, and they also balance your serotonin levels which automatically put you in a better mood. The downside to the sea air is that the extra salt makes things rust and deteriorate faster.

You can counter this by installing rust-proof materials like aluminium. Keep this in mind when you are looking for homes for sale in The Beaches, Toronto. If you employ a few clever tactics, you will hardly notice the extra salty air.

Embrace The Sand

Living at the beach comes with certain elements that are unavoidable, like the sand. Beach sand has a sneaky way of getting into everything. The only way to deal with it is to learn to live with it.

There are things that you can do to lessen the amount that gets brought inside, like taking all shoes off outside and, if you want, you can install an outside shower to rinse off before going inside.

Choose Low Maintenance Plants

As beautiful as living at the beach is, you are going to want to have a low maintenance garden. Choose plants that won’t require much input from you because you are going to want to spend time doing other things. Watching the waves and people enjoying the beach are two of the most relaxing activities, don’t let a high-maintenance garden ruin all your fun.

Enjoy your beach living, for lots of people that life is still only something that they dream about!