Whether you're a fan or not, playing video games like Star Wars Legion is a consideration you should revisit, especially for their myriad benefits. Video games help improve your manual skill, the ability to perform tasks faster with limited mistakes. They also increase your brain's grey matter, essential for muscle control, memory, and perception. However, unlike other video games, Star Wars Legion took the world by storm because of exciting features and experiences players cannot help but love. So, if you're looking to know more about video games, especially for Star Wars Legion, click here.

Starting with a budget is an excellent consideration when playing any video game, especially fascinating ones like Star Wars Legion. A budget helps you avoid being overwhelmed by the tons of products available. Setting a budget is also critical even if you aren’t restricting yourself from spending too much on products; thus, knowing what to buy and what not to is a perfect way to master expert tips, making the game even more exciting. As such, the best way to spend your Star Wars Legion budget is by buying the following systematically:

The Imperials

The Imperials of the game represent the size of the Imperial Army and battle groups with over eight thousand troops. They are led by officers comparable to more solid ranks of Majors and High Colonels; meaning they are robust, intelligent, and hard to fight. Also, the game's empire contains major available expansions and options, which can easily overwhelm you, especially if you're a new player. Because of this, making an informed decision about your game budget means you'll need to buy smart and hard to crush soldiers like The Imperials. Even better, start with double core sets. If you're playing with others, decide on splitting core sets to save costs and double your plastics which come with values including getting Imperial scouts and Shoretroopers. Additionally, buying imperials first helps you get cheaper commanders with excellent lists of diversities, such as Director Krennic.

Besides being a cheap commander who gives you a chance to save your budget for other game products, Director Krennic helps you enjoy the game mainly because of the character's outstanding achievements, status, and ambitions. The game has a few ambitious characters like the Director, primarily because he knows the best ways of utilizing advanced weapons as the head of the empire. He also oversaw the creation of dreaded death stars, hence employing the same fighting ambition on every battlefield you assign him in your Star Wars fighting scenes. He is also ruthless and cunning and knows how to manipulate others to achieve your goals while playing and fighting battles. At the same time, the Director also has powers enough for a unit of soldiers, meaning once you upgrade him, winning on any battlefield is easy and exciting.

The Rebels

Also known as The Affiliation Team, The Rebels are troopers with exceptional experience and fighting abilities in being in the front-lines of earlier rebel movements. They are battling with well-known groups, including the Galactic Empire, especially during the Civil War. Rebels have also been fighting for years in other fields. Again, buying the rebels offers you a chance to play in different angles, mainly because they have more options than an empire, considering they come with access to R2-D2 and even C-3PO. These features make them the most significant fractions in the game, mainly available playing units.

The Republicans

Known as the Grand Army of the Republic or the Republic Army, these soldiers represent powerful troops such as the Galactic, the clone, and the grand armies. They are a section or branch of republic militia with exceptional experiences in winning clone wars. They also have the same ambitions and knowledge to win battles, especially when fighting clones. Buying the republic army soldiers helps you face powerful clone troopers like Hunter.

Hunter is the leader of a squad named the Bad Batch containing clones with genetic abnormalities setting them apart. Hunter differs from others because of his formal numerical designation. He can enhance his senses and is highly sensitive, thus hard to defeat, which is why you need the republic army to help you battle him, considering they have the powers to beat such characters. Hunter is also ruthless and can fight many soldiers. Buying the republic army soldiers is the first step to defeating powerful clones separately before battling others via commanders like Director Krennic.