Generally, the cost of an abortion is hard to determine. However, based on factors such as where you reside, how far along your pregnancy is, and whether you’ve got insurance or not, the standard cost of an abortion ranges from $0-$1500. As such, because of these factors and other priority considerations you’ll need to embrace when gauging the cost of an abortion, professionals from a reputable Portland abortion clinic offer the following guidance concerning abortion and everything in between:

Factors Affecting the Cost of an Abortion

Besides your abortion budget, and the standard abortion charges of the hospital you go to, other vital factors affecting and determining the cost of abortion include:

Your Health Insurance

Having an insurance cover means your medical bills are easily covered, thus reducing their costs. However, because an abortion isn’t always considered a medical case unless stated by a physician, health insurance may or may not cover its cost, thus you’ll have to pay the full amount out of pocket. As such, to determine if your cover helps meet your abortion costs, confirm from your insurance provider before going for the procedure. Additionally, suppose the abortion you’re getting is a medical case such as a missed, complete, or anything in between due to health concerns, your insurance provider might quickly agree to cover the cost.

Therefore, based on the type of medical abortion you’re getting, the cost reduces or increases. When getting a missed abortion, your fetus stops developing because of fetal demise, a few weeks without experiencing uterine activities where your body is expelling the products of conception. When this happens, the cost is always lower, considering a few products of conception are removed during the abortion procedure.

On the other hand, when you undergo an incomplete abortion, the cost is higher because of the number of products of conception removed during the process. The price here increases because instead of removing a few birth products, your doctor removes the remaining parts, including the placenta, parts of the fetus, and sometimes complicated and risky membranes, thus demanding attention and advanced tools.

Income and Financial Programs Concerning Abortions Available in Your Area or the Hospital You Go

Besides having an insurance cover that stands for your abortion costs, your income also determines the price of abortion to expect. This is because there are different ways of carrying the procedure out, including MVA {Manual Vacuum Aspiration or Suction}. Unlike other methods, manual vacuum suction or aspiration is the perfect option for carrying out an abortion, especially during the early stages of your pregnancy and if you’ve got a tight budget for the process.

This is because the process uses affordable vacuum sources, a few medical equipment, and medications to remove an embryo or fetus through your cervix. Also, your abortion cost is determined after you’ve been induced under medication that forces a miscarriage; thus, before the suction procedure starts, your doctor determines the number of products of conception they remove from the amount expelled from the miscarriage. When this happens, the doctor tells you the amount expected to cover the process, thus helping you benefit from discounted charges you can easily afford.

On the other hand, the availability of Planned Parenthood programs in your area or the health centre you attend determines the cost of the abortion you get. Programs like these cover medical cases, including abortions. However, based on the health risks your pregnancy poses, the cost of an abortion can be covered wholly or partly based on the program’s rules and regulations.

The Stage of Your Pregnancy

Because pregnancies come in phases and stages, how far along your pregnancy is determines the cost of abortion you get. If you’re first or second trimester pregnant, the price reduces, considering the procedure’s complexity also reduces. On the other hand, if you’re in the third trimester, expect to pay more for an abortion.

Reasons You Need an Abortion

Despite the misconceptions most people have about abortion regarding cultures and beliefs, abortion is a consideration to embrace if you’re in the following conditions:

Your Pregnancy Has Severe Complications

Medically, your pregnancy may not be worth keeping if you suffer complications, including regular bleeding without known reasons. Regardless of the amount of blood you lose, most doctors will advise you not to continue with the pregnancy, considering it might negatively affect your health in the future.

When Undergoing Particular Treatment or Taking Medication While Pregnant

Diseases like cancer can be a reason for getting an abortion. This happens when you’re scheduled for chemotherapy or undergo specific cancer medication you can’t have while pregnant.

When You’re at a High Risk of Stillbirth or Miscarriage

Miscarriages like stillbirth are self-explanatory reasons for getting an abortion. Miscarriage risks damaging your uterus and uterine walls, while stillbirth can be fatal for you; thus, terminating the pregnancy saves you considering you’re the live human that can be helped at the moment.